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A secret parchment , rewriting the Bard’s sketchy family history?

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A Remarkable Discovery of a Document Shatters One of Shakespeare's Biggest Mysteries

A secret parchment has resurfaced, rewriting the Bard’s sketchy family history.

LG comments :
This article does not contain a digital copy of the document alleged to have been written by Shaksper's sister Joan Hart. Professor Matthew Steggle (ms17027@bristol.ac.uk) the source of this story does not verify if the 1757 document is in Joan's own hand  or is it just has her signature?  If Joan was literate its surprising she didn't find time to educate her nieces (Shaksper's daughters) to being able to read and write.
The  author of this article, Tim Newcomb, states, "Yet, the scarcity of Shakespeare’s personal artifacts does little to dim the luster of his legacy, which stands in stark contrast to his modest, mysterious origins."

personal opinion of  Mr. Newomb is blinded by the luster and downplays a more significant question. The scarcity of personal artifacts especially when it comes to having a literary legacy shines a very bright light  as to why we have an Authorship question.




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