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The Fabrick of a Vision !

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I would like to share with you something that I found two days ago thanks to a post of A. Phoenix about the secrets of the text engraved on the scroll of Shakespeare's Monument.

The photography of the scroll giving us a good view of the text , I noticed something that I did not notice before.




We are invited to analyse the text vertically !

And here is what I found.



Extraordinary ! DEE'S MAP ! Almost all the elements of John Dee's Hieroglyphicon Britanicon are concealed.

The Sun (SOL),  the Moon (LUNA) with DEE between the Moon and the Sun, the Stars (STELLA), MICHAEL and IHVH (The tetragramaton )

Evidently, we have in the text , the CLOUD , the PALACE , the TOWERS , the TEMPLE and the SHIPS (Hidden behind the word "WRECK").

I also noticed that the "f" of itself looked more like an "s" and found something else.


All my apologizes to the Latin scholar if I inverted the words . The truth is that I never learned Latin.

And here is a last discovery, a plausible link with one of Francis Bacon's Medal engraved a few years before the creation of Shakespeare's Monument ...



OROR is a homophone of AURORE, the french equivalent of AURORA , the Greek Goddess of Dawn which is depicted on the reverse of the Francis Bacon's Medal engraved by Jean Dassier in 1733.

I think that the "n" of Bacon at the beginning of his name could be deliberate, a way to hide the Hebrew words BN (Ben) meaning SON and ABN meaning STONE in the sense of the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE. It can be related with the page 53 of COMEDIES :

   Eva. You are a very simplicity 'oman: I pray you
peace. What is (lapis) William?
   Will. A stone.
   Eva. And what is a stone ( William?)
   Will. A pebble.
   Eva. No, it is Lapis: I pray you, remember in your
   Will. Lapis.
   Eva.That is a good William. What is he (William) that
does lend articles.
   Will. Articles are borrowed of the pronoun, and be
thus declined. Singulariter, nominativo, hic, haec, hoc.
   EvaNominativo, hig, hag, hog : pray you, marke: geni-
tivo, hujus. Well, what is your Accusative case?
   Will. Accusativo, hinc.
   Eva. I pray you have your remembranc (childe) Ac-
cusative, hung, hang, hog.
   Qu. Hang-hog is Latten for Bacon, I warrant you.

What do you think ?  Do you know if it is something that has been already found ???


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Nice work!

Over all the years, I've never found much here. The "ri" in Fabrick looks like an "n" and if used as both "ri" and "n", can get a nice anagram to Dissolve:

s Frabri(n)ck = Francis B K

That line is out of place compared to the Tempest which brings attention to it.

And of course the 157 letters does suggest ciphers.



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157     www.Light-of-Truth.com     287
<-- 1 8 8 1 1
O 1 1 8 8 1 -->

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5 hours ago, Lawrence Gerald said:

Thank you Lawrence. I was aware of Thomas Bokenham's research thanks to your site  that I discovered few years ago https://sirbacon.org/gallery/west.htm but, at that time, I had not seen the video.

I personally believe that the H of the Arch is a reference to Queen Elizabeth.

In The English Grammar , published in 1640 , Ben Jonson write :



H is the Queene mother of Consonants.

Notice the N(ever) the A(nd) the O(r) the W(hether) that can be seen like the Greek letter Σ , NAOS being the Greek word for ... TEMPLE !

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