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Important New Discovery!


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I think I may have stumbled across something not discovered before (do correct me if wrong).

To explain ... In my ebook The Secret Work of an Age, in one section I look at the symbolism in the Rainbow Portrait of Queen Elizabeth 1st and deduce that it is showing symbolism to do with the subject of light and Catoptrics - the branch of optics that deals with reflection.

Yesterday, I was reading a PDF about John Dee’s work and his camera obscura.

Fast forward to this morning and I was looking through the website, TheTruthAboutShakespeare.com in which is shown the Marshall engraving of Shakespeare from the Sonnets. 

The picture has always been puzzling and, for anyone reading who doesn’t know, is widely thought, like the Droeshout portrait, to show a mask (concealing the true author - Bacon).

So I suddenly had a Eureka moment. I realised that the Marshall engraving, (attached), could be a reflection. I placed a small mirror vertically to divide it in two, exactly in line with the marks straight under the chin, and lo and behold there it is; a man facing straight on with his hands clasped in front of him is revealed. 

Viewing from one side it looks like Bacon with his distinctly pointed chin and from the other like the fuller-faced bust of Shakespeare, a picture of which I will attach too.

I think this method of reflection could well reveal many secrets in further engravings and frontispieces.

Try it for yourself. Here is the picture of “Shakespeare”.


On the right here is the fuller faced bust of Shakespeare 


Here is Francis Bacon with his distinctive pointed face.  Both are apparent using the mirror.




Edited by Kate Cassidy
Edited typos and second edit to add the mirrored images
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Hi Kate,

Great New and Interesting Discovery!

It is most likely not a coincidence that there appeared a Marshall engraving prefixed to the 1640 edition of the Shakespeare Sonnets and the important 1640 edition of The Advancement of Learning the first English version/translation of the De Augmentis Scientiarum.

Following your instructions with the mirror this is what we see.

If using the mirror we look to the right side it looks like the image of William Shakspere as depicted on the original Bust in Holy Trinity, Church Stratford (the original Dugdale version) whereas if we use the mirror and look towards the left as you suggest it looks like the modern Bust at Stratford with the rounder face.

However looking from this side it straightens and widens the face out and to us it looks like it could be FB in other words FB is the man behind the mask of the Droeshout and the Marshall engraving prefixed to the 1640 Shakespeare Sonnets.

Some Baconian scholars have suggested that the 1640 edition of The Advancement of Learning was prepared and edited by Bacon himself. However this may be, in the engraving by Marshall Lord Bacon is wearing his Masonic Hat seated at a table with pen in his hand composing the six books of Instauratio Magna (The Great Instauration) with Books I and II to his left and the other volumes III to VI placed on the shelf above him. Adjacent to the portrait of Bacon is an engraved frontispiece that is framed by two Masonic Pillars which as Alfred Dodd (himself a Freemason) points out:  

 …indicates quite clearly his connection with Modern Freemasonry by Signs and Symbols. There are the Two Great Pillars, the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, the Sun and Moon, the Curtain, which still veils the floor of the Lodge in many old Lodges, the secret grip of the Clasped Hands, the Pyramids of the Higher Degrees, the lighted candles and the symbolic Owls that denote Wisdom and SECRETS.

The Six Parts of The Great Instauration are to be seen, [as] Francis Bacon’s complete work, three parts being placed under the Visible Globe and three under the Invisible Globe, thus indicating that Three were written OPENLY and Three SECRETLY: His concealed Works were The Shake-speare Plays, the Rosicrucian Manifestos and The Complete Rituals on which he founded the Masonic Brotherhood. 

[Alfred Dodd, The Secret Shake-speare (London: Rider & Co, 1941), p. 95 and Alfred Dodd, The Personal Poems Of Francis Bacon (Our Shakespeare) The Son Of Queen Elizabeth. As Revealed by The Sonnets arranged in the correct and chronological order (Liverpool: Daily Post Printers, 1945), p. 176. See also  Laurence Gardner, The Shadow of Solomon The Lost Secret Of The Freemasons Revealed (London: Harper Element, 2005), pp. 252-3]



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26 minutes ago, Kate Cassidy said:

Thank you. Fascinating as always AP. I was just thinking that I bet not many people have a small mirror to hand. Mine’s only 5x5 so very easy to line up exactly.

What’s also apparent is the forming of an A symbol underneath his hands on the side showing FB - likely denoting Apollo

How clever was this! 

Nope, don't have a mirror like that, but I do have Photoshop. I'll post images when I get done doing a little "paid" work. 🙂


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I wanted to play around with this image from Jacob Cats of John Dee and Bacon to see if any mirroring was in this one. DD6AB81F-9885-4710-AC1B-C3B93F1FAAEC.jpeg.e91cef325ef9495076380038cae97a77.jpeg

Rob kindly did some of his tech trickery and it resulted in these two images below. I don’t find this conclusive proof of anything but what is interesting is that in the lower resolution image, the act of mirroring gives an arrow type shape and ‘halo’ above the lantern. This is not discernible in the hi-res. This is baffling.  It’s also interesting how the lantern takes on the image of the twin pillars or Gemini glyph. I’m just not sure that this was intentional though. I’m much more excited about the Marshall Engraving but will leave it for you to decide. Here they are.

Thanks Rob 


and Hi-res below 


Edited by Kate Cassidy
Edited typo
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The following was prompted and inspired by Kate Cassidy.

Having taken a look at the Bacon/Dee emblem we noticed that to confirm the identity of Bacon, sporting a Rosicrucian Rose on his foot similar to the one on the Monument at St Michael's Tomb, that his name is secretly encoded within it.

The 'B' is above the 'C' (the upright is the right side of the body of Dr Dee). The 'N' is slightly to the side and above the lantern and the 'O' is the handle of the lantern. The 'A' is formed by the triangle/pyramid.

The vault between Lord Bacon and Dr Dee in the emblem might also serve to suggest the vault in the first Rosicrucian manifesto, the anonymous (written by FB) Fama Fraternitatis published at Cassel in 1614. 


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