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A History of Cryptology


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8 hours ago, Eric Roberts said:

I second Kate's suggestion of moving RC's posts to their own topic, such as The World According to Royal Craftiness.

If I had written a book of such things, like Kate has, I'd be openly promoting it to her and to you who might be interested enough to pay to read it out of a desire to be outraged. The world according to RC is just a pile of suggestions coming at us, some of which are neither "true" nor "false" and will remain "yet to be determined" for eternity. Digest them as you will using whatever you feel delivers objective truth to you. You're only now seeing that this action you suggest might work to humiliate me by setting me apart.  Go ahead and show me what you are capable of with the connections that loyalty confers. I should have to pay for offending you. If you were King I would expect to be drawn and quartered.

Please do stop prodding me with your curt sputterings if it is not too much to ask. It is taking much away from the congeniality here. You have the functionality to block my entire output, so perhaps use it. To be fair, that's not what will appease an amateur propagandist. A propagandist will worry that his efforts may be short-circuited, and he'd rather know and intervene if that is possible. We have institutions we still call Universities that were developed to do this where professors of the faith could intervene in the process of forming suggestible people on behalf of their Christian benefactors. This isn't quite that is it?  I don't feel I should pretend I'm at University again and be formed by professors of some imagined Baconian faith that extolls suggestions of multiple personality disorder. 

Most of what I write here is a response to Rob directly, isn't it? It's the way he interacts with me and with others on this forum. I've seen you like his very long winded musings full of odd ideas not intended for you. I've not seen one occasion of any of you telling him to shut up and go elsewhere. It's a very good thing he's not offending you. I've reciprocated in the fashion I have seen displayed in threads where you don't even appear. It's a similar sort of exchange between two individuals in those, wouldn't you say? You have the freedom to be a voyeur and to consume it. You apparently do, and you do like to gossip about it. I "get" that it is hard to control one's self. 

It's only because of the generosity of two people who are gifting this platform with content it is begging for that you can be offended. The 5 or 6 of you that have their panties in a bunch can't help yourselves. You are worried silly about what consequences this could have on this networking project to recruit using whatever means are possible. Do keep it up if you think you will get what you desire. Where there is a will there is way. You are less likely to get a response from me if you beg for one. 

I'll give you a hint. If Rob wasn't so interested in exchanging in the way he does I do not know what the point of being here would be. Because he interacts there appears to be a point in reciprocating. There's a mechanism in that which is available to you to try and modify his behavior instead of mine if you want to attack the root of this "problem".  I'd love to see you try and push him around.

It's bad enough that you guys get to scrub the comments from your Youtube videos to make it look like the entire world is in love with your suggestions. Bacon was not Champlain hiding in Quebec you know. Give it up. Come back down to reality. Work against that sort of thing instead of filling the world with intellectual pablum. 

"Abracadabra" and "hocus pocus" to you. Magic is about the acceptance of suggestions.  The way to negate a casting of a spell is to objectively label all attempts at it as that. I will never stop pointing out that people ae interested in performing feats of magic here. No belief equals no magic. 






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