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Francis Bacon, Ben Jonson, the Jaggards & the 1623 Shakespeare First Folio

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Following the publication of the 1623 Shakespeare First Folio and the supposed death of Lord Bacon in 1626 his private secretary and first English editor Dr William Rawley published the Memoriae containing 32 verses conveying that FB wrote comedies and tragedies under the pseudonym Shakespeare, most tellingly, in the verse by the poet and dramatist Thomas Randolph, one of the 'sons' of Ben Jonson:  




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The First Folio, as everyone knows was dedicated to the "incomparable pair of brethren", namely, William Herbert and his younger brother Philip.

William, the 3rd earl of Pembroke, was Lord Chamberlain from 1615 to 1625.






Above: William Herbert by Daniel Mytens (detail)  Below: William Herbert by Paul van Somer, 1617


Notice the symbol of the key hanging from his belt. Finally, I begin to understand why the First Folio was dedicated to William and his brother. Without the help of the then Lord Chamberlain who held the "keys" to the printing presses and theatrical stages in London, the First Folio could have been held up by bureaucracy. So, William Herbert was a "key" person to have on your team.



Edited by Eric Roberts
Correct title, Lord Chamberlain, not Chancellor!
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