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First Two Weeks, or so...

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B'hive was something exciting for we at SirBacon.org. There is such a need for a place for Baconians. 

Our initial impression is we are very surprised at the activity! We figured it would be a slow start, then grow. That is typical in the world of new online communities, at least when there is not a ton of money pushing ads and promotions. 

Yet, in just two weeks, for the regulars it is already a lot to see the latest activity! Plus, we have some of the highest quality Baconian participants in the world reading and posting. There are a few who have joined and not posted yet, but obviously reading now and then. I won't mention their names, but when ready we hope they will jump in. 😉

Our stats show nearly 250 visitors reading about 3,000 posts and replies so far since this started. The time spent on the forums is well over 5,000 hours, and that is just the main Forum home page. Some of us have spent a few hours every day when awake checking for the latest replies. I am guilty more than anybody I am sure! 

Some thoughts...

Everything we share, post, reply to, is here forever. Years from now a new visitor may search or read a post we make today. Google, our valuable modern day Baconian "Chariot", is indexing and promoting every word. We who are here at the beginning are setting the stage for the future. 2022 is now, but as this grows, figuring countless years ahead, Sir Francis Bacon might be sitting in his home over 400 years ago feeling a vibe and energy from us inspiring him to claim his legacy for future times knowing we and his Biliteral cipher will somehow set off an explosion of Knowledge about him and everything else. Imagine Bacon with a PC and the internet of today!

Thank you for joining, thank you for reading, and please share and join if you have not, and participate. Anyone may leave their permanent mark on the Bacon story here. You may have only one thought regarding Bacon, you can leave it here for the future.

This is only a half a moon cycle in since we launched, just the very Birth of a movement!!!








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