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Francis Bacon-Shakespeare & The Tempest

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The Play That Solves the Shakespeare Authorship Mystery

A book by Don Elfenbein

One reader of www.sirbacon.org, Don Elfenbein of Morgantown, West Virginia, has recently published, through Lulu Press, a  book entitled The Play That Solves the Shakespeare Authorship Mystery: The Allegory of Francis Bacon's Natural Philosophy in The Tempest available here: https://www.lulu.com/shop/donald-elfenbein/the-play-that-solves-the-shakespeare-authorship-mystery/paperback/product-q9v5j2.html?q=shakespeare+authorship&page=1&pageSize=4

Click here to read the PDF version: https://sirbacon.org/downloads/TempestElfenbein22lulu.pdf

This work gathers together and documents a number of incontrovertible but little-noticed facts that speak Shakespeare’s true name loudly and clearly.

Written for general readers and scholars alike, the work systematizes and extends the investigations of the pioneering researchers who first published, more than a century ago, the provocative contention that The Tempest allegorizes a body of Baconian thought. It demonstrates that fourteen elements of this play having to do with the magus Prospero, the spirit Ariel, and the witch Sycorax resemble and represent fourteen of Bacon’s natural-philosophical ideas, several of which are peculiar to him. Those ideas include not only the general methodological prescriptions for which Bacon is famous but also his unique and largely forgotten conjectures about the inner workings of nature.

These numerous and striking parallels between elements of the play and elements of Bacon’s philosophy, the author argues, together constitute persuasive proof that Bacon wrote this celebrated drama.

Don is a Researcher and former Law Professor who has been interested in the Baconian theory since the 1970s. He is eager to discuss his study with anyone who is interested in examining it and perhaps offering him comments or reviews.

The Play That Solves the Shakespeare Authorship Mystery

This fascinating work covers the allegory of Bacon's natural philosophy expressed in Shakespeare's The Tempest and explores the themes of art, magic, spirits - all things of great interest to us here on B'Hive.

Don’s email address is don.elfenbein@gmail.com if you have any questions for the author.




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