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Recueil d'Emblèmes Divers - The Elephant

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Being unable to find the initial topic in which I shared with you my analysis of "Recueil d'Emblemes Divers" by Jean Baudoin,

I decided to create a new one.

Today, right after my daywork, I discovered one of the post of Eric talking about an Elephant.

I took it as the sign that time had come for me to share with you another secret of the French Book  "Recueil d'Emblème Divers" by Jean Baudoin , the French translator of Francis Bacon's Works.

But I needed to take a break and I went outside to get a breath of fresh air.

What a surprise when I returned home ... a mail from my mother !

The fact is that my parents do not have TV/INTERNET/TELEPHONE since one month because of ... a tempest !

And here is the first mail that my mother send me to let me know obliquely that their connexion is reestablished ...



So, I follow the signs !

I already told you that there were differences between the first edition of the "Recueil d'Emblèmes Divers" published in 1638 and the second edition published in 1646.

Here is the page 666 of the first Edition :



About the Monk's cipher :

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cistercian_numerals#:~:text=The medieval Cistercian numerals%2C or,were introduced to northwestern Europe.



And here is the page 666 of the Second Edition :



And I will stop here !

Today, I only show you a path that you are free to follow or not. 😉

For the Seeker of Truth (or at least of meaning) who are interested in, seek and find the meaning of this emblem.

The game is worth the candle.




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