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Conspiracy Theorists?

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Yesterday, my dad and I had a conversation.

We started talking about wrongful journalism, politics, and the ethics of abortion (or lack thereof!), but soon the conversation turned to Bacon/Shakespeare. My dad had known that I was a Baconian for some time, and had previously only hinted at my success in swaying him to a Baconian perspective. (I knew that he'd been reading Is Shakespeare Dead?, and when he gave me a first edition copy of Bacon is Shakespeare [1911, I think] my suspicions were confirmed.) However, I had never yet talked in depth with him on the subject.

I won't lie and say I remember the conversation perfectly, but I know that at some point the topic of "conspiracy theories" came up. I told my dad that people have repeatedly called me a conspiracy theorist when I mention my Baconian beliefs. He then said something utterly unexpected.

Dad said, "Maybe you are a conspiracy theorist. Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist!"

I was at first offended, but then he continued. "There's nothing wrong with conspiracy theories - at least the way I see them. If everyone believed what they were told, we'd all be living in Nineteen-Eighty-Four!"  

I thought about this. I thought incredibly hard, and when I was finished thinking, I said, "I think we have different ideas of what that term means."

Then I remembered a line that I had actually cut from my novel months ago (and I see now how important it is that I integrate this line back into the story).

The line reads: "Arti, you've got to understand this. Sometimes we need conspiracy theories. Without them, we would be slaves to the conspirators."

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You know, I was studying the stars lately and how they move. And the Sun, and the Moon.

If we use some math, and geometry, it can be mathematically described that Earth is not flat at all, and Earth may actually be a sphere that circles the Sun, and the Moon circles us. Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, they may circle the Sun as well. How about that! And the math works.

But my wife and in-laws, and a few neighbors, tell me I am at risk of starting a very dangerous conspiracy theory. "Please do not speak this in public, at least around us." 😉

In Florida right now, I may get my head cut off for saying such craziness.


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