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Review of N. B. Cockburn, The Bacon Shakespeare Question: The Baconian Theory Made Sane (1998): A Classic Worth Reprinting

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by Christina G. Waldman


1998 does not seem so long ago to me. That was when N. B.Cockburn, late British barrister, devoted 740 pages to setting forth his evidence in favor of Francis Bacon’s authorship of the works traditionally attributed to “William Shakespeare,” based largely on that name/pseudonym’s being printed on the title page of the 1623 First Folio. Barry R. Clarke (Francis Bacon’s Contribution to Shakespeare (New York: Routledge, 2019)), Brian McClinton (The Shakespeare Conspiracies, (Aubane: Aubane Historical Society, 2006 and Belfast: Shanway Press, 2008)), and other authors, including myself, have acknowledged their debt to Cockburn. Mather Walker has previously reviewed the book for SirBacon.org which prints in full its table of contents.

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I received my first copy of his book directly from the Cockburn family. I had written to him, not knowing that he had passed away by then, and asked where I could find a copy since there didn't seem to be any more available. I think it might have been his sister that responded and she included a copy of their own. There are notes in the  margins either by a family member or perhaps by the author himself.  I later came across a newer copy and bought it just because I knew of how hard they are to come by. That's the copy that later went back overseas to Barry Clarke. 

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13 minutes ago, CAB said:

I received my first copy of his book directly from the Cockburn family.

I am eager to learn more about you. I am sure I am not alone. 🙂

Funny I have a client who goes by CAB as her email and such. She is a math teacher, born on 3-14, Pi Day. LOL

And yes, she is well aware of Bacon from my rants with her and she asked me for more info after watching Oak Island on TV. 😉

Cockburn's book The Bacon Shakespeare Question was one of the first , if not one of the original suggestions and pages on SirBacon.org.



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