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Introduction - A Phoenix

A Phoenix

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Hi Everyone,

The sirbacon.org website which we have avidly followed for years feels like a second home for us. It was Lawrence and Rob who put up our first academic paper and video on The Pregnancy Portrait of Queen Elizabeth and the Concealed Birth of Francis Bacon and with unstinting kindness and support they thereafter published all of our subsequent offerings. To date we have produced 16 videos and 14 academic papers on a range of subjects pertaining to Francis Bacon, his authorship of the Shakespeare works, and his Rosicrucian-Freemasonry Brotherhood, all of which can be found at the following:  








Social Media:







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Welcome to your second home Forums! You may consider us your second family if you wish!

Lawrence and I have been honored and thrilled to promote your work. We've had several conversations regarding the quality and importance of what you are doing.

If you ever need anything, let us know.

We all look forward to your contributions. 🙂

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