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Greenhouse at Llanada

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59 minutes ago, Marvin Haines said:

She only had an architectural builder/designer/foreman named John Hansen.

Do you have a reference?

I do see this cool notebook from Hansen in 1921, but I haven't seen anything exciting in his dry notes! LOL


I won't believe anything the Winchester Estate says, their story is all marketing for them. $$$




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That's fascinating! I was able to find this interesting series of papers on the same website. The different accounts contradict each other in places, but they all say basically the same thing - that Mrs. Winchester was a kind, intelligent lady who mostly kept to herself. 

One of the most interesting contradictions that I found (and I regret having forgotten which document(s) it occurs in) is about her response to the popular story. One account (and I'm sorry, I don't remember who's) claims that she found the Folklore amusing and never even tried to speak out against it, while another claims that she hated the stories and even tried to end one in particular (the one which stated she would die if she ever stopped building) by moving away for a year. 

This is still a fantastic resource, and although I disagree with some of the conclusions presented in the final document, I would highly encourage you to give it a read!

Carl Hansen Papers on Sarah Winchester : Hansen, Carl : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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Hey people!

I know it's been awhile, but I just had the pleasure of receiving an email from a friend with whom I shared my pamphlet. I'm curious what you all think of her response. I found it delightful, but in some places problematic - i.e., who decides what qualifies as an "unbiased source."

Here is the response:

Woah! This is really interesting and cleary thought through and well articulated, but I have a few questions. First off, how can you be sure that Francis Bacon's lines in the fifth (?) section of the essay are actually referring to Sarah, given that Sarah was born over 200 years after Francis Bacon's death? Second of all, where are your sources for this? Specifically your sources on how Sarah Winchester was a baconian, as that is a significant claim to make unsourced. There is a very good biography of Sarah Winchester which I will attach a PDF of to this email, and it makes no mention of Freemasonry or her schooling whatsoever, and I cannot find any trustworthy or unbiased sources on that in my cursory lookthrough of google. It's very interesting, but I am also fairly certain I am missing the back half of the essay and the images that would provide context, if you could send me the link to the original post and your sources I would appreciate that. 🙂

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