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My favourite painting of FB


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Hi Kate!

This is definitely the favorite image of Bacon for many of us. The artist was Paul van Somer sometime near 1618 I think.

If my wife would allow, I'd have a full-sized framed canvas print in my home. But, you know, one Baconian at a time in a house is already pushing the boundaries. LOL

That said, as a photographer, graphic designer, artist, web developer, etc., copyright is a serious topic. A painting painted in 1618 is not under any copyright laws. However, modern replications might be. This image is everywhere on the web in various qualities and image sizes, definitely on SirBacon.org for many years, so likely no risk of a lawsuit or any penalties. 

Today's copyright law, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is no joke. It is very real and is to protect anyone who produces digital media today. That can be images, verbiage, and everything one may put out there. One does not even need a copyright notice, you create it and put it online, it is yours by law.

You as an author, if someone was to use your words, and image from you book, or whatever, and put into a web page or use in a paper, you would want credit. Ideally you would want permission first. But it seems these days even getting credit is more than most ever get. When I was in college, copyright was nailed into us over and over. But so many people are producing content now without any education or any thought whose intellectual property they are stealing. Sometimes the thieves may be making profit on stolen content when the creator is not making a dime. 

I used to chase down and demand my images and content be removed, then contact Google/Bing/Yahoo to remove the property if they ignored which was the norm. Now I only do that with high-res photos or something that was paid for by a paying client who totally owns it. 

So, to be safe, an image like this when they come up, give credit if you can. Where did it come from? Give credit. Is there a link? Offer it. 

We, including myself, can be guilty of using a quick screen capture or copying/pasting text from a website, especially when passionately writing a reply to a post on a forum or an social media. But as professional, with Bacon's integrity, we should try our best to give credit where it is due. I'm planning to use an image that is all over the web, but the one I will use is on Peter Dawkins website. So I'll link to his essay on his page and give credit. Even though an image created in the 1600's, he gets an SEO valuable link to his website, anyone who wants to know more will check out his website, and maybe he'll sell a book or two from a link in my post. That is how things how should be. 

That said, please share anything and everything we want to see, and when possible, provide a link or give proper credit to the owner of the image, content, whatever. 

Thank you for sharing! It is a beautiful painting of Bacon. I believe there are articles about the symbolism in the painting as well. 😉


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On 2/11/2022 at 7:24 AM, Kate said:

I’ve got lots of images of FB on my phone. Many are screenshots. If there are no copyright issues in placing them on a forum, I’m assuming this is the place (section)to share some of them.


Here's the original by Paul van Somer, circa 1618, property of Gorhambury Estate. The image you posted, which has been over-saturated, is by an unknown artist, painted  after 1731 after Paul van Somer. It's owned by the NPG. (Sorry for being so pedantic.)


Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 4.41.37 pm.png

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