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Two Sides To Every Story - Joe Walsh and Bacon

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No, I do not have a Bacon and Joe Walsh connection to share, other than I heard this song when I was thinking about Bacon today.

The lyrics:

Well I don't know, but I've been told
Two sides to every story
One is right and the other is wrong
Guess it depends which side your on
'cause one man's blessing is another man's curse
One man's drink is another man's thirst
One man's pleasure is another man's pain
One man's loss is another man's gain
One man's lie is another man's truth
There's two sides to every story
Well good guys bad guys all the same
Good guys win bad guys get blamed
I don't care what side you're on
You might be right, you might be wrong
And one man's freedom is another man's prison
One man's honor is another man's shame
One man's guilty one man isn't
There's two sides to every story
One man's heaven is another man's hell
One man's buy is another man's sell
One man's day is another man's night
One man's peace is another one's fight
One man's loss is another one's glory
There's two sides to every story
There's two sides to every story
In my emails and other conversations this has come up. Nothing intense, but there are Two sides all over the place. Maybe if Kate drops in she can share the planets and stars. I'll say "something" is crackling tonight. 🙂
What a fun song!
I am right and wrong, my own heaven and hell, free and in prison, all at the same time! Yikes!
Enjoy the song. I may link back to this over the next years if there is a reason! 🙂
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