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New Atlantis ( just an idea.

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At the back of Bacon's Sylva sylvarum (1626), is his New Atlantis.

Put there by William Rawley, a doctor of Divinity.

The tale opens with these words: "WEE sayled from Peru ( wher ......"


Consider the initials of the four words up to, and including the bracket: W  S  F  P (

Now consider the name William ShakesPeaRe: P is the fourteenth in the name, R is seventeenth.

the fourteenth is P in WEE sayled from Peru, there are seventeen letters up to the ( bracket.


Bearing in mind how much Christianity is used in his tale, and applying a bit of imagination to the thing:

if the P in W S F P were to be stood on water, like Saint Peter stood on water near his little boat,

then maybe P is reflected in the water.


Noting P is next to ( which might hint at a little boat, albeit stood on end. It might even hint at the name of Christ, as Simon Peter

Was with Christ on the water: (hrist ?


What does P look like if stood in water? answer b.

This means that W S F P turns into W S F b or W S F B

William Shakespeare    Francis Bacon.



And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

Matthew 14:29
King James AV

W S F P    Simon Peter  Water     Feet     (how else can he have walked?)





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There's probably something to be gained in considering the name of the Island, Bensalem, and the fact that Saint Bartholomew is involved, he whose claim to fame was being skinned alive. Maybe Bacon was making a veiled comment about his life/society back home where, among other things, Jews were vilified for being impure when they are said to be found there living upright existences, unmolested by Asians and other peoples who live among them, and where they have erected a great Temple of knowledge. The suggestion seems to be that you can only have a Utopia if you are accepting of other faiths. England had known, and was going to know, bloody internal conflicts of religion. I don't imagine those stood well with Bacon's Christian sensibilities. 

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Yes, true no doubt. I was considering some kind of cipher placed there by Rawley

It seems that Peter was crucified upside down , and is often depicted as being on a T cross.

This interests me because according to various sources, Peter was crucified under the reign of

Nero. The reason Bacon's opening words attracted my attention is because of Peter's association

With water, his walking on it. Also because water in Greek is NEPO (nero).

But such things are  fantasies.


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