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Francis and the chicken


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According to Aubrey's brief lives, Francis Bacon died as a result of stuffing a hen with snow. 

It must be remembered that Bacon died in the month of April, which is hardly a snowy time.

So Aubrey was probably one of the brethren, leaving ciphers as I believe they did.

Anyway, back to the process of refrigeration:

According to the old alphabet, H E N is 8 5 13, sum = 26.

Note the year F Bacon died: 1626. 

Note also F B (6 2) in reverse when numbered is 26, and both versions can be seen in 1626.

So much for the HEN. 

Accordinfg to the old alphabet S N O W  is 18 13 14 21, sum = 66.


Now let us stuff an HEN with SNOW

When S N O W (66) is  pushed into H E N (26) the result, in fractions, is 39 hundredths,  for an infinitely long time.

Where 39 = F BACON **   and 100 = FRANCIS BACON.**

Also: 39 = F B PIG and the four 'corner' letters of sonnet 66 spell STYE (valid spelling variation for the era)

(Start from bottom left and go clockwise).


**  39 also has F. B. PIG, and 100 has VERULAM DEE.

Sonnet 42  (  D-ee  and  B-acon  )  line 13: "But here's the joy; my friend and I are one;"









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