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"The Search for Francis Bacon" by Catherine Drinker Bowen, "The Atlantic", January 1966

Eric Roberts

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2 hours ago, Eric Roberts said:

How wonderful! Thank you so much Eric for finding and posting this. I first read The Lion and the Throne (first pub. 1957) back in college, as assigned reading in a history course. It is about Lord Coke, but there is a lot about Bacon in it. I've not read her book on Bacon, The Temper of a Man. But I know she writes well and documents her extensive historical research in primary documents in her notes. I wish she had been able to include all the interesting side stories she mentions, that she ultimately decided to leave out! She would have been the best one to do it. She also wrote Miracle at Philadelphia and Yankee from Olympus. I had not realized she was from Bryn Mawr, in Pennsylvania. Her biography of Bacon was published in 1963, just two years before the publication of Mark Edwin Andrews' book, Law versus Equity in The Merchant of Venice (University of Colorado Press, 1965). In her chapter, "The False Persona," of her book, Francis Bacon: The History of a Character Assassination, Nieves Matthews includes Bowen among those who had, at times, focused undue attention on the negative aspects (p. 396) of the many-faceted Bacon--although you certainly did not see that in this Atlantic article.

Edited by Christie Waldman
dates: Temper of a Man published in 1963, Lion & Throne, 1957
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