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Sylva Sylvarum, the Great Turk shows his head

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I'm quite happy to report that I made a very satisfying discovery while looking at some of the place names around the Cuper's Cove colony on the Google machine. The occurrence of the "Turk's Gut" name sent me looking for possible explanations. The gut is referring to the neck of a Bay less than a km from "Bacon cove". Reading about the area informed me that it was famous for being the stomping grounds of the greatest pirate that sailed the North Atlantic, Peter Easton. This has some pretty significant impact on my interpretation of the Two Taverns reference on the title page of Sylva Sylvarum. 


spacer.pngThis vastly improves the directional value of the suggestion if we are thinking in terms of a line between the delta region of Egypt and the area of the Turk's gut.  That's a Great Circle suggestion for us to scrutinize.

I've examined that line on all ends. The Delta point is one where we have some choice in what we can select as a Ground Point. As far as the Atlantean legend goes, we might want to have Heliopolis as the starting point, but we could also prefer Alexandria as this was the great city associated with the delta where the inspiration for Bacon's idea for Temple of Learning likely originated. I've considered both, but in reality it does not matter. Both lie on the great circle to the Newfoundland Ground Point.


If we project all the way to Virginia we find that we intercept the Potomac river where it branches off at Alexandria, Virginia.  What a neat result. We have a great circle involving two Alexandrias. A look at the history of the place mentions that it was John Smith who explored the area in 1608. The  place was named Alexandria in the 1660s. It does beg the question of whether or not there was an appreciation for this Great Circle then. This was well before Washington was selected by Masons in a scheme of their own.


Of greatest interest to me is what this yields in Mahone Bay. I was anticipating a closeness to the ground point suggestion that we can arrive to with the Mercator map alignment of the Delta and the Pillars (further helped by some symbolic arithmetic and geo-slicing).


That's really close to where we'd want to be. Hobson' Nose is 44.41N and 64.23W of London. In reference to Paris that's 66.59W. That's essentially right on the money if we are looking for 44.4 and 66.6  to sum to 111 and be in 3:2 proportion for a symbolic Ground Point.

Here's the link to the Hobson's Nose account in Desbrisay's History: History of the county of Lunenburg : DesBrisay, Mather B. (Mather Byles), 1828-1896 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

That's just very suggestive of someone working this clue out in the 1830s. There are a few ways to come to it roughly, after all.

Nothing I have seen in considering the Great Circles related to Bacon's efforts at colonization indicates an involvement with Oak Island. Other things point to events there, but they are all related to Freemasonic involvement ca. 1762.  OI is more Washington, DC than it is Alexandria, Virginia.  One has a Rosicrucian flavor, the other one doesn't.  At OI, we have a Hebrew mythology employed, where with Bacon it's been pretty consistently Greek/Egyptian/Roman (Plato/Solon).

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