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Shakespeare's blank page 1

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  • Rob at 007 changed the title to Shakespeare's blank page 1

Again, very interesting.

Sweet Swan (Cygnus) of Avon ( ‘sky river’ of the Milky Way.

‘The legendary sealed vault which is unattainable in life’ presumably being the skull/brain, and at death we return to the oneness of universal consciousness permeating the heavenly vault.


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 "For nothing is born without unity or without the point."

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“To be swanlike is to greet one’s death with a song of exceptional beauty, as in a famous passage of Plato (Phaedo 84D—85B), where Socrates hopes his own prophecy will match that of swans, “who, though they also sing in earlier times, sing especially well when on the point of death, because they are about to go off to the god whose servant they are.” Their god, of course, is Apollo, famous for his associations with singing swans and their distant northern retreat in the land of the Hyperboreans” [p.31-34]. “Indeed, after Phaethon’s death, his friend, Cygnus, is metamorphosed into a swan—whose lamenting death song is of proverbial beauty (2.376—80) [p.176-177].”  [Metaformations, Frederick Ahl].

Both via Constellationsofwords.com


In mythology Zeus transformed himself into a swan in order to seduce Leda. Zeus in the disguise of a swan behaved in the manner of a swain, meaning a lover or wooer. This union produced an egg from which Pollux and Helen of Troy were born. Later that same night, Leda lay with her husband Tyndareus which produced another egg from which Castor and Clytemnestra were born. Castor and Pollux became heroes, the Dioscuri, and are represented in the Zodiac as the Twins of Gemini

I know Peter Dawkins has spoken extensively about this subject of The Sweet Swan of Avon, and Leda etc. it’s just interesting to recount the connection, via Apollo and Gemini, of Swans to Bacon and the brotherhood, 



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 "For nothing is born without unity or without the point."

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Thank you for sharing Peethagoras !

It is interesting. I am waiting for part 2. 🙂 

I agree with Light of Truth and Eric about the fact that the video could have moved a little quicker, and that you probably could have merged part 1 and 2 together.

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2 hours ago, RoyalCraftiness said:

You may have read of a monument to it: the Aelia Laelia Crispis monument of Bologna

This is very interesting , thank you for sharing RoyalCraftiness !🙏

One day, I accidentaly came across the Aelia Laelia Crispis monument of Bologna as I was looking for an explanation for the letters D.M. in an emblem.

It could mean "Docte Minerve" ! My research led me to this monument and I learned that it could also mean "Dis Manibus".

Now, I must admit that I never took the time to investigate further and to learn more about this monument.

But I would like to share with you something that your post reminded me.

This is my take on Emblem 49 (WIT simple cipher) of Amsterodamum monogrammon (1616) by Cornelii Giselberti Plempii.



Page 173 (R.C.)

Cygnus and Pegasus.

Forming Cygnus/ The Swan ... 

We have bacon horizontally and I like to think that we have the anagram of  bacon aer vertically.

aer is latten 🙂 for air/sky but also wonder.

And aer is middle Dutch for Eagle


Interestingly enough, aer in Irish is a synonym of spéir meaning air/sky but also sphere/ cercle ... ORBIT ! 🙂 


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I love Synchronicity, and laughing my behind off watching this hilarious, yet obnoxious silly reporter in this video Lawrence posted last night seeing the Shakespeare statute you focus on with some great crisp images of the hand and the "blank" page was too much fun for me drinking my first cup of coffee this morning!

That I watched your video less than 24 hours before this mockumentary made them connect in my mind. Is not the "Shakespeare" statute you discuss an older mockumentary on who wrote the works??

A Double whammy! 🙂

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