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How to Insert Video Into Post

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Great question!

You should be able to just copy/paste the "full" URL into a post if it is YouTube or a popular video source. You must be sure to get the "https://" part of the URL or is it just plain old text.

If you are YouTube, go to the Share and you'll see a URL and you can copy that link and paste it in. 

Drag and drop might work on some devices, but not all. Copy/paste the URL should work for everyone. 



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Thank you very much. I had been using an old android tablet that is unable to be updated by Google,

and for some reason did not copy the complete url.  So I borrowed my nephew's

tower pc and was able to copy the full url onto the page, so all's well.


My first attempt failed because of no URL etc so I wonder can someone delete that bad page please?



The man in the moone was not a buffoon


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  • Rob at 007 changed the title to How to Insert Video Into Post

I'll delete it, but you can too if you click the three dot menu and look at the options. 

I changed the Title of this post so future users can see what the content is about and maybe it will help many people.

When creating new posts it is very important that the Title reflects the subject matter. 🙂


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