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Tin-Tin, T.T. , Thirty-Three


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2 hours ago, peethagoras said:

Anyone note the fingers of Elizabeth, James and Rebecca (there are many similar examples out there).

There was a great "finger" discussion here some months ago.

The search feature for the forum is pretty decent, it uses Google so displays whatever Google indexes.

I'll try to look in a while as it was a good topic. I think Kate posted an image of what the positions mean from something long ago.

You'd enjoy!

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On 1/21/2023 at 1:54 PM, Kate said:

Adding to the TT theme of the topic, AP has just revealed another. Apparently Francis Bacon used the pseudonym Thomas Twyne. Got to love that TT and play-on-words for Twin (Mercury/Gemini/Brothers/Brotherhood) 

His twin in life was his brother Anthony. St Anthony's ideological twin was St Paul (a major subject matter of esoteric painting in the early 17th century). Both were famously the wearers of the Tau cross (they get associated with that symbol). This is the likely origin of the Two Tau idea which serves as a template.  Those who wear the Tau are said to carry the mark that will prove their worthiness. What Anthony passed on to St Paul was the cloak bearing the Tau (a key to a treasure vault, so to speak).  The other Two Taus are two other brothers, St James and Jesus (I I).  The passing of the mystery of the Tau is one that worked its way into the proto-Freemasonic masque.  Anthony and Francis also went by the aliases Pi and Phi and that we can probably attribute purely to their fundamental importance in geometry. A whole lot of things T T seems to have been signaled out to put the emphasis on T T. Thales' Theorem is one I think is prominent.

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