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OK, yes, as some of you already know, I am also Rob at 007.

Why two profiles?

Well, let's say "Rob at 007" is my professional profile as forum admin, moderator, developer, and webmaster. In a way with that profile I am somewhat representing SirBacon.org which Lawrence has allowed me to do. And I am very honored to do so. So when I respond or post as 007 it will usually be with my the professional web-guy hat on, maybe more formal, etc.

With the Light-of-Truth profile, which is my personal website, I am a Member and great fan of SirBacon.org. I'll be more "myself" and personal. Plus I have a lot to share, plenty to ask, and a world to learn that is not representing Lawrence and SirBacon.org.

Two profiles will make it easier for me to keep things straight, at least in my cluttered mind, but also as the forum grows into the future will allow some separation between what I want to say myself and what SirBacon.org is about. SirBacon.org has a reputation to uphold. Myself, I don't mind being called a nutcase or crack-Pott! LOL

Maybe just like Bacon wrote as Bacon for one purpose, and he wrote as Shakespeare for another. 😉



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