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Starre that vshers in the Eauen


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WOW ! Great finding Rob !🙏 ❤️

You should like my interpretation that is linked to  "the Compass of the Wise" .

 And I must say that my attempt came up pretty wet ! 😄


Sonnet 132 is the last Sonnet of Tiers 12 of your Pyramid.

I shared with you Sun,Nov 6, 2022 the frontispiece of Compass der Weisen (1779)


Notice the Hebrew words AESCH (FIRE) and MAIJM (WATER) in the HEAVEN.

This is a reference to the Bible - GENESIS 1:1


" In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"

Shamayim is the Hebrew word for Heaven and is composed of the words ESH (FIRE) and MAYIM(WATER).

Now, let's go back to Sonnet 132 ...


EAU is the French word for WATER !

I think that the Sun of Heaven and the "Eau en " could be a reference to the FiRE and the WATER of Shamayim.



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