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Anyone watch this 3 Episode Cypher Documentary ?

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Just finished the first episode and thoroughly enjoyed it. Petter points out a couple things I have not seen, and mentions some I have. I did get a real kick out of seeing him use the Rhymezone website which is something in my bag of tools and has been for many years.


The number 53 has a lot more to reveal than the video barely touched on, yet I learned a thing or two. Or should I saw TWO?

Page 2 of the folio, always been a fun place to explore with acrostics, hints and meanings in plain text, word counts, line counts, and letter counts. Almost as if it is Bacon's "Cipher 101, Lesson 1".


Imagine seeing the Northumberland Manuscript in person. Wow!

Funny to watch Dr. Crumpton in denial, and the famous Strat who we all know and laugh about sometimes.

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On 2/6/2022 at 8:26 AM, Lawrence Gerald said:

I watched this and absolutely loved it. Best thing I’ve seen in ages. Petter and Robert make a great team - really engaging.  I loved the fact that they kept moving to various locations, it was a true treasure hunt.  Thanks for the recommendation!

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