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157 mph or higher - Cat 5 Hurricane - Catastrophic damage will occur

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I started writing this post yesterday while juggling other things. I spent three days with no power (no big deal even though I complain), going from fearing we might lose our home or die to getting upset and pouting about the Duke Energy mobile website that could not give us an honest map or estimated times of getting electricity back.

Nobody is required to read it. For me I suppose it is therapy for me to write, a weird dream is out of my brain, nobody has to read it. LOL



Watch the quick little video down the page:


I often say that the Secret Shakespearean Seal numbers 157 and 287 are numbers of "Strength and Permanence." To me they are the Two Pillars "Boaz and Jachin", the "Light and Dark A's" of the Double A headpieces, and so on.

UNITED STATES is 157 Simple cipher and 287 Kaye cipher using the 26 letter codes well in place in 1776.


Coincidence that Bacon's New Atlantis (United States) was named to use the Secret Shakespearean Seal numbers that strongly seal Shakespeare's works? And 157 is the agreed upon MPH (miles per hour) wind speed for a giant TempesT, a most powerful Hurricane, to be the very top category of a storm's strength and power; a Cat 5.

Hurricane Ian has been on we Florida weather nerds' minds for weeks. This wave came off Africa and for the first time this season it looked like it might stay south across the Atlantic and come into the Gulf of Mexico. The storm season has been very slow this year, boring in fact. But this was one to "keep and eye on." On September 20, models were already showing Tampa Bay and Gulfport in danger.

It got our weather nerdy attention, of course. I'm on most of the best storm forums (Prospero). Usually during August through October of every year all my spare time is on storm forums listening, learning, and and participating about whatever storm is happening. Often I am posting live storm reports with pics and videos, etc. when they come around Gulfport. We live in Florida near the Gulf coast. Tropical cyclones are very common. I do not know we've had a year without at least a named Tropical Storm hitting us since I moved here about 20 years ago.

But only three times before this year I remember having a potential Cat 5 Hurricane (157 mph) focused on Tampa Bay (Charley 2004, Irma 2017, and Ian 2022). It has been since 1921 (99 years) since we had a direct hit with a Cat 3 to 5 storm. We lived through misses and near misses, but we have not been nailed for about 100 years.


Early on our B'Hive freind Kate was concerned about me and Theresa. She was messaging me and hinting that Jupiter was somewhere doing something that historically makes a storm a little more dangerous. I trust her wisdome and even by then then some of us around here were feeling "something" was brewing beyond the scientific meteorological formulas. 

Not Kate's words, but the message I took into my brain was, "Don't FREAK out! But JUPITER is ****, and this storm might be a HISTORIC NIGHTMARE!"

Kate nailed it 100%. Jupiter/Ian is still unfolding. I fear for the final counts of lost lives. Some people never evacuate, even on islands. I am so Grateful Ian turned south like Charley and Irma. If what happened in Ft. Myers Beach happened here over Gulfport which was predicted up until 24 hours prior, we'd not have a home to live in. Lucky, but every year is a throw of dice.

Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers Beach lost this year. Sanibel Island is one of very favorite Florida place to go and stay.

Starting on the 9-23 we started to batten down the hatches, just in case. All models showed our humble abode in the center of the cones. I also reached out to the local newspaper who is a web client suggesting we maybe set up a live streaming web cam downtown in Gulfport to record (with battery backup for 12 to 24 hours) and stream live as long as there is an internet connection.


They found a popular retail store on the first block in Gulfport near the waterfront willing to host the cam. BINGO! So we scrambled to install in two days in some of the worst heat and humidity of the year, while everyone was panicking and buying plywood and supplies to secures their lives. Panic and fear was the mood around here. A storm like Ian could wipe a lot of our town clean down to the sand in a few hours. Downtown Gulfport is famous for storm surges even in little storms. All the local News TV stations ran down to Gulfport to video one of the most vulnerable flood prone business districts in all of Tampa Bay on Monday and Tuesday. (Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows...)

I put the recording hardware as high as I could in the store, maybe at 6 ft or so. The wild predictions were already an 8-12 ft storm surge coming in 36 hours. Figuring in a couple feet of elevation where the store is a half block from the water, we could lose everything at 8 to 10 ft. (Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows...)

Our home is at 15 ft elevation at the end of our driveway a few blocks from the Bay. We are not required to have flood insurance in Evacuation Zone D. Zone D has not been evacuated ever in recorded history here. In 99 years after 1921 we have not seen a 15 ft storm surge in Gulfport. Yet our landscape appears to suggest that every few hundred years we get a 30 to 50 ft storm surge. And the shallow Tampa Bay is like a dinner plate full of water; no matter how carefully you pick it up, water is going to spill. I think there was a 30 ft storm surge in downtown Tampa when Gulfport was destroyed in 1921. (Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows...)

Hurricane Irma had Gulfport in its sights the morning it left Cuba. It was a huge powerful storm. If it hit us I don't know where I'd be living now. It was scary, but it moved really fast. Storm surge was something that would wipe out downtown Gulfport, but we never feared water where we live. The wind was a concern with trees crashing on homes and roofs blowing off, etc. We did lose two old Oak trees and power was out for two weeks!!!

This storm, with Jupiter's influence, was going to be slow like a Snail. The wind was worrisome, but slow moving storms just tend to push the ocean into shallow areas. I barely slept for days, fearing for the first time that even though our house is high up "on the ridge", that a 25 to 30 ft storm surge would be over the top of our roof. Tuesday and Wednesday morning Theresa and I were getting calls and texts from everybody we know world-wide. "Gulfport" was on National and Word news, sometimes reporting in front of the Gulfport Beach Bazaar we just put up the camera. I am likely on a clip somewhere as every time I was on the sidewalk grabbing tools or whatever, news camera crews were recording with their talent talking. 😉

I did not sleep a wink all night last Tuesday. My eyes were closed, but my brain was on fire. Will we need to go to high ground? My Dad is at a Senior Assisted Facility very close by that became a shelter, so we could go there if we needed to. I may have took Theresa and came back to ride the storm at at home. Tuesday night there was a hint that Ian may shift east which is good for us. When I got up at around 5:00 am, to a ripple of website work emergencies and normal stuff, Hurricane Ian intensified and was shifting east and south of us.

Good News: Hurricane Ian is trending to miss Tampa Bay on the south which is the best place where we'd be spared a storm surge.

Bad News: Hurricane Ian is getting larger, stronger, and may be a Cat 5 when landfall happens. Any place south of the EYE, which was almost bigger than the entire Hurricane Charley Cat-4 storm in 2004, could possible experience storm surges over 15 ft. Over Tampa Bay, add ten feet. And the track was still in flux as it wobbled this way and that.

I was up early, did what I had to do, handled some business, and woke up Theresa who likes to sleep a little later. "I'm cooking up some eggs, frozen veggie sausages, because we will lose power soon and let's be ready." I looked at the Duke Energy outage map and in our area power was already going out. At that time we barely had Tropical Storm winds (40 mph), but we live in an old Florida jungle town with elderly trees that fall down in any strong wind. I did expect to have power and internet until midnight when Hurricane winds (70 mph) would start. But I was over 12 hours off.

The last reports before our power went out Wednesday morning were Hurricane Ian was officially a 155 mph Cat 4 storm. At 157, Ian would be a Cat 5. Unofficial reports of surface winds from 165 to 190 mph were being put out there.

157 - Jupiter - Ian - Gulfport - Beach Bazaar
007 Computer - Prospero - John Dee
Cat 5 - Historic Hurricane
Category Five


That may sound a little overblown, but for a few days Gulfport Florida, my small town, was seen by the entire world with the idea that the potential for the worst hurricane to ever hit the Gulf of Mexico coast of Florida would be over my yard. I sweated securing our house as well as we can when it can be wiped out so quick and believe me, I am too old for this kind of scrambling moving my plants, landscaping, and doing other things like running cable in miserable Florida muggy heat! LOL

Soaking wet in hot muggy Florida sweat. Like everyone else around me pounding nails and driving screws into plywood over doors and windows hoping it might help.

Was I scared? Yes. As scared as I ever remember. I love my little home and this beautiful town. I love my wife, my cat, and my guppies in the pond in my backyard. We live in a paradise. My backyard is my oasis. Private. An "Island" of sanity.

On 9-11-2001 I spent part of the day shocked like everybody crunching Sonnet numbers with a Freemason friend who just happened to be around that day. He told me, firmly, that we all need to find "Islands of Sanity." Gulfport Florida is an Island of Sanity. I'm not ready for a 157 mph Cat 5 storm to wipe us off the map like Ft. Myers Beach or Mexico Beach where a cottage our family lived in when I was four years old was washed away by Hurricane Michael (Cat 5, over 157 MPH) five years ago.

Wednesday morning, as I was almost ready to devote my day 100% to Hurricane forums, like the B'Hive, as a known member for a few years, sharing multi-media and links nobody else would find, our power went out. Blink, done, gone. It was 11:01 AM.

I saw the breeze out my window. It was from Ian, maybe 15 mph. But it was a BIG breeze. Not so much in speed, but huge, like the same breeze might cover a mile instead of a block. Our beautiful palms were dancing, and they do that well in most winds. Yet, this was not just a typical summer sea-breeze 15 mph breath. It was different. Our power went out with 558 other homes. A tree or big branch fell on a power line and it cut us off.

That was at 11:01 AM, as we were approaching the middle of Tier 11 in the Sonnets Pyramid design, power went out as a potential Cat 5 storm with 157 mph winds was still a possibility here. (Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows...)

As far as the original 1609 Sonnets as it relates to the Sonnets Pyramid Design, pages 52 and 53 in my PDF version (attached) begins at Fri, Sep 23, 2022 - 05:36:38 AM with Line 1573 of the Sonnets, "Seemes seeing,but effectually is out:"


The bottom of page 52 is Line 1606 which begins at Wed, Sep 28, 2022 - 07:19:29 PM, "Alas why fearing of times tiranie,".

The time above time is GMT. Here in Florida it was during the peak hurricane effects we felt. It was getting worse, more and more debris piling up with no power. But it was at this moment with Lines 1605 and 1606 when we took a very deep breath of relief that Ian went in south of us and even though no guarantees, but we knew were spared this time.

Every year as we drift through these Lines and pages, I am aware and pay attention. Line 1609 is the last Line of the first half of Tier 11. It ends at Midnight. The 21st time out of 28. (14 Tier Pyramid / 2)

Hurricane Ian made this time period different. Every year I learn something new and everything relates to everything else.

Page 52 ends with Line 1606, the next page, 53, begins with Line 1607. I see yet another of some many transitions from 66 to 67 when an 11 appears. There is a marriage between 11/111 and 66/67 that is demonstrated for us to see and understand. I see it. 🙂

Next year if it is a normal year I'll share what I would have shared this year. My "real" work is behind and I'm on catch up in every direction.

Thursday morning was very windy, but the rain stopped so it was dry outside. With no A/C we were thrilled it was like 65 degrees at sunrise! It has been 6 months since we've been in the 60s. The weather has been gorgeous since the night of Ian. The days before the weather were our worst nightmare, so hot and muggy, I could barely breath with my clothes soaked in sweat doing work outside to be ready for this. Ian is forever one of the most historic and devastating hurricanes Florida ever experienced, but we dodged it here.














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