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Quotes About Francis Bacon

A Phoenix

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14 hours ago, A Phoenix said:

The Virtuous Bacon Family


I wonder when the first edition of The Doctrine of the Gospel was published? The 1606 edition refers to Sir Nicholas Bacon as if he was still alive (d. 1579). "Maister" Edward Bacon was a JP in Suffolk from 1594 to c.1600. By 1601 he was High Sheriff of Suffolk and became "Sir" Edward Bacon in 1603. Not that important, but interesting.


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Hi Eric,

Treble Wow! What a find.! We do not remember having ever come across it in any of the standard works.

You are right it is written by someone who knew the Great One well:

                                                       'Might well be call’d a demieGod mongst men'.

                                                         He sits 'mongst men like a descended god

                                                                    [Cymbeline: 1: 6: 198]


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