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Quotes About Francis Bacon

A Phoenix

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25 minutes ago, A Phoenix said:

Francis Bacon the Greatest of all Men


"Grave liberal mind contending with the rest, to seat them all in thy judicious breast." Another revealing quote I'm unfamiliar with. Did Peyton compose this poetic tribute to Lord Bacon? It suggests something of Bacon's incorruptibility in defending the Truth against ignorance. This wonderful couplet, written by someone who must have known Bacon well and marvelled at his 'centredness', as well as his sheer brilliance, also shines a light on the private loneliness of being ahead of one's time. And yet at the same time the last line suggests SFB's enormous compassion for all things and beings.

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Hi A phoenix, Thank you so much for sharing with us regularly those great Quotes about Bacon !

I do not know most of them, so I really enjoy to discover and read your posts each day !❤️

Bacon , "Prince of Imagination ... High Priest of Truth ... Sole Priest of the World and Human Souls."... simply beautiful !

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