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The Holy Grail of the Shakespeare World: an Original Manuscript of a Shakespeare play corrected in the Hand of its Secret Concealed author Francis Bacon

A Phoenix

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31 minutes ago, A Phoenix said:

The Tapster Manuscript and the Robbery Scene in Henry IV

https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgj88m02w8nbxxz/HENRY IV TRAILER.mp4?dl=0




Presumably then, a comparison between the Tapster, "Dering", Quarto and Folio versions of this scene could give an insight into how SFB revised and augmented his plays as works-in-progress. Thank you for the great work you are sharing.

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Hi Eric, 

I think you are right.  It is my view that not only do we get an insight into how FB revised and amended his works but also how he adapted and repeated it for different contexts and writings during his lifetime. It also reminds me of something Dr Rawley said-that FB revised his Novum Organum on around a dozen occasions over a period of many years before its publication in 1620. 

Thank you for your kind words and for all your valuable contributions to Baconian scholarship.

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Might I mention that I wrote about the "Tapster manuscript" (which the Lost Plays Database calls the "Play of Thieves and a Gullible Tapster," https://lostplays.folger.edu/Play_of_Thieves_and_a_Gullible_Tapster) in my book, Francis Bacon's Hidden Hand in Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice': A Study of Law, Rhetoric, and Authorship (New York: Algora Publishing, 2018), which prints Maureen Ward-Gandy's report in full in Appendix 4, "Handwriting on the Wall" (pp. 247-274). I would also like to mention that Arthur Freeman was a bookseller, not an academic. He wrote "The Tapster Manuscript: an Analogue of Shakespeare's Henry the Fourth Part One," English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700, p. 6, edited by Peter Beal and Jeremy Griffiths (1997), pp. 93-105. When considering the opinion of any "expert," one needs to ask whether bias/conflict of interest might be interfering with the expert's objectivity. Thank you.

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