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Sonnet 91 - "Thy love is better than high birth to me"


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I try to read a few lines of Sonnets every day. At least glance at the Line we were in.


A few days ago one stood out, and even though I have seen it before, it just grabbed me and was in the back of my mind since. Tonight, I have a chance to look into it.



"Thy love is better than high birth to me"

Of course it is instantly a Bacon thought. He wrote it, born a Prince (high birth), but that ended up meaning little to him when his Mom was alive. "Thy love"? We are still learning everything about his life.

So first thing that I found out is that line is inaccurate in its modern spelling. Here is the original:

"Thy loue is bitter then high birth to me,"

Think about it. Leading Shakespearean Scholars, powerful and wealthy Strats, cartoon players like Wiley Coyote Super Genius, say "Of course Shakespeare meant to say 'better', as 'bitter' makes no sense. We'll change it to what we like since it helps us make moolah."

Think about Bacon. "Bitter" makes all the sense in the world, and idiots changed it to "better".

But that is how this works. But did Bacon leave any clues? 😉

The line is in Sonnet 91 at the top of a page in the original 1609 edition.


I see visuals immediately I'll come back to. But I like to count, it is one Bacon's most fun teachings.


Counting 33 letters, words, lines, is just Bacon Cipher 101. Always start with 33.

So here we have 33 words which is the Simple cipher of BACON.

Then we see 144 characters and that is the Simple Cipher of SIR FRANCIS BACON.

If we count the spaces, we have 177 characters the Simple cipher of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Nice coincidence? Right?

In those 33 words are six capital letters, "T R O H H A" which is 67 Simple Cipher, the same as FRANCIS.


Even for me a well seasoned Baconian with synchronicity crackling all around, that the first 33 words tell us, BACON, SIR FRANCIS BACON, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, and even FRANCIS gives me a tickle up my back.

I love that Bacon's "bitter/better" word game that is a hint to look deeper offers both "bitter" and "better" in the first 13 lines. In fact, there are 102 words between the two words.


ONE HUNDRED TWO is both a 157 Simple and 287 Kaye cipher Signature Cipher for FRA ROSI CROSSE and WILLIAM TUDOR I. Perfectly placed in the Sonnets by Bacon himself to Seal the Deal, make it his own.



Coincidence, coincidence, coincidence, repeat and return to find more. And the Friedman's describe and explain every example I am providing.

If we know Bacon's life, and learn to read what he shares in the Sonnets, we are able to be in his heart and soul.

"Thy loue is bitter then high birth to me,"

And the visual, see for yourself. F BA and W Tudor, maybe Will Tudor. As we'd expect...plus more to explore!

High Birth, yet the cold blizzard Love from his Mom was way more Bitter. I get it?





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