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William Friedman's 1954 Letter to the FBI endorsing the Bi-literal Cipher

Lawrence Gerald

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What I get from what he said:

Mr. Hoover,

There is a cipher known as the Biliteral Cipher. Bacon described it with examples on how it works around 350 years ago, he invented it. Of course it is a valid cipher and could have been used in his times. No question about that.

I've devoted a lot of time with a crack team of cryptologists and at some point it became very apparent to me that the FBI should definitely know about the cipher concept Bacon described. Send me someone who is an expert of type-styles and fonts and you will be happy you did. 😉




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A. Phoenix,

Your Friedman work presented this year is likely to be the number One prize winner of the year, and possibly the past 10 years. Maybe 100?

First of all, you destroyed an annoying very shaky Stratfordian myth that from the very beginning has been a thorn in the Baconian movement since before I was born. The myth was that the world's most respected, and experienced master of cryptologist along with a team of the best available were paid and enjoyed studying Shakespeare ciphers for years, then "dismissed" the idea that there was "proof" they could share based on their work about "who wrote the works." That was twisted by the twisters to say "ciphers" are nothing at all. Thus the Willy Wishy myth could survive a few more years before it will crumble and die.

Second, in the same Friedman presentation while feeding the profane (the Stratfodians) the "deception" of their work as the same profane raised the ruse to the level of a "Willy GOD blessing" in their seriously lacking plate of evidence, both the Friedmans laid out and described in detail a wealth of highly valuable knowledge with examples of valid legitimate cipher techniques in practice at the time the Shakespeare works were produced and Bacon was in full steam of himself.

It is maybe one of the most profound cosmic jokes conceived in a century or so. Hilarious to me!

And some of us were here as soon as it was revealed! How exciting!!


Now we know what we never wanted to look at before. Wow!! We've been missing out!!

Thank you, A. Phoenix! The Friedmans would be very proud of you. I wonder if they died hoping you'd figure it out while they were alive.

Poor Strats, this is one big tool they so loved. Bye bye Friendman fluff.




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Hi Rob,

Thank you for your kind and overwhelmingly generous assesment of The Fraudulent Friedmans in which the Friedmans and their work The Shakespearean Ciphers Examined was held up to the light and close intense scrutiny that finally revealed the deception they had practiced on the collective of Shakespearean scholarship and the rest of the world at large. I don't know about a prize winner of the decade, but all in all, it felt like it took that long to research and write it! All the hard work involved is made all the more worthwhile when especially the likes of you, Lawrence, Yann and Kate unstintingly praised it and the rest of positive reactions it has received from numerous other scholars, writers and enthusiasts from the UK, US, Europe, and around the globe.♥️👍🙂       

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The unvaluable work of The Phoenixes on The Friedmans and the Folgers, has thaught us that both of them were very secretive.

Facing the incredible document shared by our dear Francis Bacon Investigator in Chief 😊, I could not help but think that if I had been in the position of William Friedman, I would have concealed a message in the message, for fun and also for the posterity !



Notice that  the words "manyand "plays" appear vertically and horizontally, with the anagram of "plays" right above the word "Plays".

This is a clue left by William Friedman indicating that we must read this passage vertically.


The Shakespearean Plays were written by somedy other : TUDOR - WTI (William Tudor I)


Then I noticed that W.  Friedman said " Plays were written by somedy other than THE William Shakespeare, of Stratford-on-Avon", suggesting that the Plays were written by ANOTHER William Shakespeare, not from Stratford-on Avon.

Could W. Friedman make an allusion to the William Shake-Speare from Saint-Albans ? 😀



F(rancis). SAINT ALBAN


Finally, here is, I believe, the secret message concealed by William Friedman ...


Many Shakespearean Plays were written by F(rancis) Saint Alban, WTI, TUDOR.

EDIT : I forgot to mention that the letters in acrostic add to 74, the simple cipher of WILLIAM and TUDOR.







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