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Is the answer in the 1.folio image?


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In my opinion,William_Shakespeare_-_First_Folio_1623-2.jpg.97ac66a9ae9faeff8d77cc8bf6ee550c.jpg the image of "Shakespeare" in the 1.folio tells us who the writer really is. Found this  after not knowing what I searched for - just a gut feeling that there was a code or message in the picture. 


You will see the F best upside down, and the B from the side.

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Welcome to B'Hive Gnusmas87.  As far as I am aware you are the first to identify the letters/initials FB on the title page of Shakespeare First Folio, an even more astonishing discovery, when we consider how many hundreds of thousands or even milliions, have looked at this image over the last four hundred years. Truly, amazing. WOW! Thank you. 

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Thank you all for the nice words of my findings 🙂 

I'm not an expert at all. I was very facinated by the tv seies Sweet Swan Of Avon and the movie Cracking The Shakespeare code by Petter Amundsen some 8-10 years ago. Specially the hunt for the treasure hooked me. I was never in doubt that Bacon and his friends wrote Shakespeare.

A friend of mine and I discussed Shakespeare/Bacon/treasure 8 years ago, and we found out that there had to be a sign in the picture of Shakespeare - a gateway to all the ather codes. I startet to look for abnormal things in the picture - took me about 15 minutes to find the F  - and I could not really beleive it . I remember I was almost shaking when turning my eyes towards the other shoulder - could it realle be..... That was really a wow moment for me - It was actually hard to believe noone had seen this over the years.


I posted the picture on Petter Amundsen's Shakespear Page on FB a long time ago, and he thougt it was amazing. 

I have not thought about it  since 2014, but watched D.B Cooper on Netflix the other day. They where discussing som codes in the last episode, and I suddenly remembered what I found years ago. 





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9 hours ago, Kate said:

Thanks from me too. What a brilliant find. 👏 Welcome to B’Hive. 

(Are you on Twitter?)

Thanks. No Twitter here 😞 . Just an old man from Norway - barely a pc 🙂 

If any of u have made some interesting youtube videos - please post links.

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If you are New to SirBacon.org, then this link to the "What's New" page that goes back several years will offer great YouTube videos, but also some very fun entertaining additions. We will be adding an archive page and link that goes past beyond 2016 to maybe the late 1990's...



If anything catches your eye, the Search on SirBacon.org is one of our most valuable tools. Scroll down the Home Page page to the search box:



I am thinking of making the Search more prominent at the top of the page. What do you all think?

We tend to have serious researchers more than casual visitors. There are thousands of pages on SirBacon.org that even I have forgotten about even when I built them years ago! 😉


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13 hours ago, gnusmas87 said:

Thanks. No Twitter here 😞 . Just an old man from Norway - barely a pc 🙂 

If any of u have made some interesting youtube videos - please post links.


My four videos are here 

Kate’s videos

The most recent on cryptology was uploaded 4 days ago. 

I’d like to ask you, how would you feel about us sharing your find on social media? We could use the original and then Rob’s zoom in ...


...to highlight but, if all agreeable to this, what name should we credit it to? Thank you 

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