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Bacon's prophecy of civil war

Guest Ryan Murtha

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Guest Ryan Murtha

Just came across this in Spedding's preface to the Latin (first) version of Thoughts on the Interpretation of Nature, in Spedding volume 3:

Another thing in the paper before us, not to be found elsewhere in Bacon's writings, is the prophecy of civil wars; which he anticipates propter mores quosdam non ita pridem introductos [on account of morals not long ago]; a prediction well worthy of remark, especially as being uttered so early as the beginning of James the First's reign. 

This confirms my reading of the English Civil War being largely the result of the behavior of two favourites, Leicester and Buckingham, poisoning the nobility and alienating the crown from the rest of the aristocracy. What Bacon had written was before Buckingham, of course, but he saw the inevitable result. This must be what caused the English secret service to distribute Leicester's Commonwealth. A. Phoenix points out that as soon as Bacon got his dismissal notice from Charles I's privy council, he started revising his will and making plans to cut and run. A very interesting story emerges, I had long thought to do a screenplay about Bacon's life and finally the details are getting fleshed out. 

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