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Introduction - Ryan

Guest Ryan Murtha

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Guest Ryan Murtha

Hi everyone, I'm excited to see this forum, it's long overdue. I've been researching Bacon for almost twenty years and have a book about him coming out soon, The Precious Gem of Hidden Literature: Francis Bacon 1576-1655. Mostly it consists of parallelisms pulled from several texts of the period, presenting them as internal evidence for common authorship; Anti-Machiavel, The Anatomie of the Minde, The French Academy, Vindiciae contra tyrannos, Don Quixote, and the alchemy texts published under the pseudonym Eugenius Philalethes from 1649-55. These latter texts can be dated to the time and suggest Bacon faked his death and lived into his nineties. 

Looking forward to meeting Baconians and having some interesting discussions. I will go ahead and post what I've found but please feel free to contradict me or point out where I'm mistaken, I'm still no expert (don't ask me about sonnets or Venus and Adonis!). -Ryan



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Welcome Ryan!!

Your PDF was announced on the What's New page this week. You definitely put a lot research into it!


In the intro you wrote:

If  we  are  still  here,  the  400th  anniversary  of  Bacon’s  De  Augmentis 
Scientiarum will probably also pass unnoticed in 2023. This book 
introduced the first binary code; Bacon invented it whilst a teenager in 
France, well over a century before Leibniz, who is commonly credited 
today (e.g., at Wikipedia).2 Bacon wrote prophetically  

Neither is it a small matter these cypher-characters have, and may perform: 
for by this art a way is opened, whereby a man may express and signify the 
intentions  of  his  mind,  at  any  distance  of  place,  by  objects  which  may  be 
presented to the eye, and accommodated to the ear: provided those objects 
be capable of a twofold difference only.

That was indeed VERY prophetic of Bacon to say considering how the binary code has allowed today's Information Revolution which is allowing the Bacon's works and life to continue.

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