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AI (Artificial Intelligence), Shakespeare, and Francis Bacon

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I was working today juggling a few things, all the while with Bacon in the back of brain. My wife at her computer said, "I see a picture of Shakespeare, something about AI."

I had to look, but was busy yet still HAD to look.



I read the article real quick. And saw BACON letters in the first line even before I started reading, in a hurry.

Nay, Nay, I say! This cannot be,

Yea, I know, I am good at finding Bacon anywhere even when it is my imagination.

AI, Artificial Intelligence, I do have an interest in it. I learned binary math in the 9th grade (1974), at 18 in 1978 was in training with NCR on computers where knowing binary was required. Every bit had a purpose.

They taught us, "Computers are really dumb, they can only count up to one. But they can do it fast."

Seriously, for a computer, even AI, there is no two. They can only think to one. 1+1=10. There is no 2, so you carry the 1.

111+1 is 1000. Carry the 1, carry the 1, etc.

In 1978 we discussed the day computers will be smarter than us. Whew, quite a concept. That was a long time ago.

I am not afraid of AI, I know computers and how they work. But in 1978 there was another lesson we learned, "Garbage in, garbage out." We program the computers.

The above image of line with a loose BACON was not by Bacon, nor was it by any human. It was by an AI program that was fed with every line of Shakespeare, every word and letter analyzed. The programmers edited and adjusted their code to allow a super computer to "kind of" think and speak as Shakespeare. The computer can only add to one, but when you have billions of ones floating around and you can add them in a microsecond, you can use "logic" to come up with an answer that we humans may not get.

Really, 1 or 0, on or off, up or down, all duality "two's", but since there is no 2, you have a binary string that has everything. 1 or 0, a or b.

Thank You, Francis Bacon for bringing the binary math to our attention. We would not be able to survive today in the modern world with out it's power, and magic.

So a first public Shakespeare AI (Artificial Intelligence) experiment and the letters of BACON are in the first line. I know why, some of you do too. If a program analyzing the works of Shakespeare, remembering every letter, arrangements of letters, words, phrases, especially in important places, BACON will come up. DUH.

Fantasy thought:

We devote our lives to Bacon's Truth, living and breathing it, a few of us here daily on the B'Hive seeing the latest Knowledge we did not Know while sharing what we do Know, and a Super Computer ultimately comes up with the proof that we all combined were unable to produce. The Stratfordians finally finished by the "scientific" and indisputable calculations of an AI computer that analyzed every letter, word, phrase, and cipher number in Shakespeare only counting to one per Bacon's "Bilteral Cipher". And even the Fraudulent Friedmans were not able to "prove."

NAY, NAY is 74 Simple cipher the same as TUDOR and WILLIAM. So not only BACON in the first first line, but the Artificial Intelligence learned the number 74 comes up as well. Does the AI actually know who Bacon was? No, it is a just a dumb but really fast computer number cruncher that can do what what it is programmed to do.

Is AI alive? Another subject altogether...










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