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The Fraudulent Friedmans

A Phoenix

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Strange I missed a few posts on Sunday. I thought I was keeping up.

I have to say, I understand William's pain, he was the best cryptologist in the world. His wife was maybe as good or better. He knew the Truth, they proved it and had discovered so much that today has never even seen a hint of light. He was known as the finest best cryptologist. And, can you imagine if they had the "proof" everybody has been waiting for, and still eagerly await, and you cannot share? Truth matters to you, but you have to lie. Not because you believe the lie, but that EVERYBODY believes the lie and for whatever reason someone who has power over you says, "Hushhhhh...". I picture a dark hidden face behind a cape. "No, you will never speak what you found."

It appears they basically come right out and blatantly tell we who seek the Truth where to look for exactly what they knew we will find. Over and over again, with examples, etc. But they passed on with their secrets still buried by Stratfordians who fell for the lie. At least they died leaving some suggestions on how to reveal what they knew.

William F? Can you imagine during a war when people are dying, you have to crack a code. The pressure as every second counts. Some ciphers are basic and solved quick and help the cause, but the big things take time and intense focus. Ten minutes too late, people are dead.









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"Literal ciphers may give you the swing of the thing, but they are in no sense scientific."

Interesting thought.

OK, I'll give them scientific. Their book is about Bacon's ciphers that they overtly demonstrate are present through many chapters. But are too open to pass their scientific tests.

Yet they tell us all those ciphers "may give you the swing", but then say it does not meet the Friedmans' strict scientific requirements. Well, sure, they do not meet those specific requirements. I get it. Nope, not that kind of scientific method. It may definitely give one the swing of whatever, but cannot be proved. A perfect cipher! Right?

Would Bacon ever leave a "scientific" cipher out here recklessly, where the message is open to find, especially when he was alive, that could be proved scientifically? That would be a cipher disaster!  Not a Baconian scientific cipher that could never be provable. A. Phoenix opening this Friedman deception and festering can of worms has been a new avenue for me to explore. Maybe it is to get "the swing" the Friedmans suggest we will find.

THE SWING = 100 Simple and Reverse cipher. 100 is Simple cipher for FRANCIS BACON.


A few months ago I would have argued that my cipher discoveries were "scientific."

Tonight I say no way. Mathematical, visual, intellectual, clever like a puzzle, overt in spoken words, I am enjoying the idea that Bacon was too brilliant to leave his secrets in a cipher that is an indisputable provable message. I've suffered at times over many years that no matter what a cipher says, it can say something else. Unless it is a very bad cipher that failed and only has one message. Yikes! Might as well as made a cell phone selfie confessing everything!

Bacon careless? I've never seen that.

The perfect cipher could never be proof to hang any man. A perfect cipher will leave little doubt to the code-breaker, but still just enough room to deny and claim it is not real. Did Bacon ever say a perfect cipher can never be "proven"?


Today, summer 2022, we now know the Friedmans prove, as much as they can and keep a thin veil over the Truth, that Bacon was and wrote Shakespeare. The sly was on the Stratfordians who fell for their shallow deception. "We've never seen scientific proof that anyone wrote Shakespeate that is provable.

OK, I don't argue at all. But then we all agree that Bacon wrote Shakespeare. The swing of it.

I would guess in three to four years the mention of the Friedmans to a Stratfordian would be met with any excuse they could come up why they were "not very important." Future Strat:

"Hey, William Friedman was a total nut case, like all Baconian crackPOTS."

Thank you A. Phoenix!

I cannot imagine how much work you put into this. You blew away a myth I have been trying to overcome from the beginning!  It appears you are the first real Baconian team to be strong enough to even question if the world's best cryptologists actually told the Truth. Now I know they were spies, big time. They were definitely Baconians.

If you are a spy, is everything you say the Truth? Maybe a better question is whether anything you say is the Truth.

A good spy, and a good cipher are the same. How do you pass on a message, not getting caught.















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12 hours ago, Light-of-Truth said:

Maybe it is to get "the swing" the Friedmans suggest we will find.

THE SWING = 100 Simple and Reverse cipher. 100 is Simple cipher for FRANCIS BACON.

Good Evening A Phoenix,

My apologies for this break in your wonderful storyline.

The great finding of Rob (Light-of-Truth) regarding the ciphers of "THE SWING" gave me an idea.

I hoped to be able to share the fruits of this idea before your next posts but you were quicker than me !😅

The idea is simple.

What if "The Swing" mentionned by the Friedmans had a twofold objective ?

What if it was also an invitation to look for "The Swing" in Shakespeare's First Folio ?

I took a look at the First Folio and here is what I found ...




It echoes the famous double acrostic on page 2 of The Tempest






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