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New book and video on The Fraudulent Friedmans by A Phoenix

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In 1957 The Shakespearean Ciphers Examined by the Friedmans was published that changed the course of Shakespearean scholarship. This is the story of the secret of the greatest literary fraud in history concerning the concealed authorship of the Shakespeare works.

‘This book is probably the most astonishing collection of deceit and deliberately calculated falsifications that have ever been crammed between the covers of a book. Did some person or organization with a vested interest in the perpetuation of the Stratfordian myth commission the Friedmans to write it?’

The Friedmans secretly knew that Francis Bacon was Shakespeare and publicly lied to the world about it throughout their lives. It was a secret they took to their graves but not byeond it. 

The tombstone of William F. Friedman and Elizebeth S. Friedman using Bacon’s Simple Cipher System conveys the concealed truth which they had secretly known all their lives, one they wished to reveal to posterity in a way befitting two Bacon-Shakespeare cryptanalysts, that for whatever reason while they were alive, they could not or dared not, say openly and out loud: 

                                                                            FRANCIS BACON IS SHAKESPEARE.                                                                                     

For the video trailer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I-hIZPortXAgMupMTs89bcmlq4zzxO2D/view

For the video that explores the full story see: https://youtu.be/fc2ErlSmmjI

For a detailed paper on ‘The Friedman Fraud’ see: https://aphoenix1.academia.edu/research

Friedmans Youtube.png


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Boteswain! A tremendous labor of love  and  a new Comprehensive masterpiece jewel by the a.phOeNix team. Congratulations to them and to the rest of us for now being able to read and enjoy the Videos of it's long awaited contents and understand the  hidden complexity of the Friedman's on a deeper level. It seems that the Friedman's were unwittingly or not  practicing the double sided nature  of the "Janus" head motif. On one hand they obfuscate the truth (the Fraud) and on the other hand as demonstrated by APhoenix team the Friedman book is embedded with intentional  Bacon related ciphers (Hidden Truth) along with their own gravestone design including a famous Bacon quote! This leads to further inquiry to Re Examine whether or not the Folger Library  the resource center for the Friedmans book is really a Rosicrucian institution with a concealed agenda?  This is the heart of Bacon's mentality where he sees the  Antithetical  nature in all things and processes. Knowledge is Power!ReExamined.jpg

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Guest Ryan Murtha

Wow, great work! But how do you know about William Herbert being a "Grand Master"? and did he do anything worthy of that title? and isn't that kind of grandiloquent title a tad ridiculous? didn't Jesus say "don't be called master or rabbi, you have one master who is Christ"?

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Hi Ryan, at the time of the publication of the First Folio of the Shakespeare Plays its dedicatee William Herbert, third Earl of Pembroke, was secretly occupying Solomon’s Chair as Grand Master of all England:

WILLIAM Earl of Pembroke was chosen Grand Master [1618]; and being approved by the King, he appointed Inigo Jones his Deputy Grand Master.

   …Grand Master PEMBROKE demitted, A. D. 1630.1

1.  James Anderson, The New Book Of Constitutions Of The Antient and Honourable

   Fraternity Of Free and Accepted Masons. Containing Their History, Charges,

   Regulations, &c. Collected and Digested By Order of the Grand Lodge from their

   old Records, faithful Traditions and Lodge-Books, For the Use of the Lodges

   (London: printed for Brothers Caesar Ward and Richard Chandler, 1738), p. 99.

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