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Passages from Francis Bacon on Poetry, Drama & Theatre

A Phoenix

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The Stage is the nail in the coffin someday for the Strats. Sorry to be so crude and so blunt, but this is the Truth.

One day, in my Dream, when the entire world Will see and learn what we few kick around here on the B'Hive and on our own little platforms, and all attention is on Bacon, the Truth will finally and overwhelmingly be known and accepted. Francis Bacon was Shakespeare, and he was born to Queen Elizabeth I to be King of England.

I pray it is my lifetime. If not, I am still pleased to Know one day it Will be so. I am not worried that the Truth will come out, I just hope it is in my lifetime to enjoy. 😉



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My "WOW!" was because you stated what Bacon said regarding his work as Shakespeare.

Bacon's essay of Truth he says, "Truth may perhaps come to the price of a pearl that showeth best by day; but it will not rise to the price of a diamond or carbuncle, that showeth best in varied lights. A mixture of a lie doth ever add pleasure."

I have studied and meditated on this statement for well over 20 years. Is Bacon saying a lie is a good thing? No, not at all.

If I take a photo of a sunset, do I crop out power lines or a trash dumpster? Yes. I aim to make a Diamond from a photo. It was a Diamond to me, but the raw unedited photo would never rise to what I saw.

If I describe an experience where one person was obnoxious, but the event was amazing, do I leave out the idiot who was an idiot. Yes. I aim to make a Diamond from an experience I had when any drama was not worth mentioning.

If I share a story about my life that is important to share, do I skip over personal details that might be embarrassing? Of course! Why wouldn't I? I aim to make a story about my life a Diamond for others to hear from a memory I had.

Am I being deceptive? Am I NOT sharing the Truth?

Truth is vague, there is no defined absolute Truth. Five people in the same room when something happens will have five Truths. Yet, there is a core Truth that is real, with fuzzy boundaries.

Was Bacon Shakespeare? Yes, a core Truth.

Was Bacon the son of Elizabeth? Yes, a core Truth.

How do we tell a story Bacon shared behind a Veil? We tell the Truth as we view it. Bacon wanted us to share his Truth as a Diamond. Not to lie, but to share the best of the best to bring his core Truth from a Pearl to a pleasurable Diamond.

Does that makes sense?

We do that even within our own minds when we live day to day. We create our own reality based on our moods and thoughts. Occasionally my wife and I see totally different Truths when discussing the same Truth as it happens. I like to make Diamonds (Dee, I am 'on Dee) when she loves to make damp charcoal. LOL





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Hi A Phoenix, here is something I just found out this morning, studying " The French Academy".

I immediatly thought of your topic on Bacon and Theatre !😊


The French Academy ( 1586) - The Fifteenth Daies Worke

Chapter 60 - Of the office and dutie of a King (Prince)

"He must live as it were in an open Theater"

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Good Morning Yann,

Brilliant textual cryptographic analysis. The French Academy was written by the Great One. It served as a source for Love's Labour's Lost and I vaguely recall that  the same woodblock on one of its early editions appears in the 1623 Shakespeare First Folio (see W. T. Smedley, The Mystery of Francis Bacon). 

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