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May 21st - Day 141 in the Sonnets Pyramid

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Natiuity once in the maine of light.
Crawles to maturity,wherewith being crown'd,

Over four centuries of Bacon's life in two lines. Born in 1561 and even now in 2022 some 460 years later Bacon is still crawling on his way to being Crowned.

Lines 5 and 6 of Sonnet 60. The first two full lines of Day 141. These few Sonnets have a lot of messages for us, but Day 141 is one that has a special place in the Pyramid design.


Funny that the first line, "Natiuity once in the maine of light." ends in a period at the end of a page when it should be a comma.


It certainly might be there to get our attention. An incomplete thought when the next line is a continuation of this thought, but it ends with a period as the page breaks.

In this line is a message. "Natiuity" hints at a Virgin Birth, "...once in the maine of light." Bacon's Nativity scene for us in the Light.

The next line, "Crawles to maturity,wherewith being crown'd," takes us right up to modern day.

So what about where Day 141 is in the Sonnets?

Sometimes when there is a lot of activity going on around me I look at the Pyramid to see if we are at any special place. So yesterday I did and saw Sonnet 60 and Days 140 and 141. I immediately recognized it, been here before over the years. Why? I had to rediscover what I've done before. There is a lot of inter-connectivity going on withing the Pyramid. Sonnets 140 and 141 are important as well. The numbers 11 and 111 pop up along with other ciphers.

First let's look at the Sonnet 60 cipher numbers:



Adding up the first letters of the 14 lines of Sonnet 60:

The Short cipher is 52 which is the Simple cipher of WILL.

The Kaye cipher is 340 the same as the Kaye cipher of ELIZABETH TUDOR.

Adding up the first letters of lines 2-12 for the 11 letter codes we see 287 Kaye cipher the same as the Kaye cipher of WILLIAM TUDOR I.

Then going from the old 24 letter ciphers ( and the 11 line cipher) to the modern 26 letter ciphers the first letters of the 14 lines we now have 111 Simple cipher which is the Kay cipher of BACON.

The cipher numbers of the old alphabet codes refer to the Nativity, the modern cipher numbers refer to Bacon's life still crawling in order to be Crowned. We go from 11 to 111 which is something that happens in the Pyramid design often with one of the Secret Shakespearean Seal numbers; 157 and 287. I may come back to that in a bit.

If you look at the above image you might see that the 14 letter Simple cipher of Sonnet 61 is 177 the same as WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. So where Sonnet 60 is about William Tudor (Will as well) and Bacon, Sonnet 61 follows with WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

The first line of Sonnet 61 is, "IS it thy wil,thy Image should keepe open".

Bacon is speaking to Elizabeth, he was her "Will". The WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE also applies, he was Will Shakespeare too.

Sonnet 61 contains Day 143 and 144 entirely.


143 is the Simple cipher of QUEEN ELIZABETH.

144 is the Simple cipher of SIR FRANCIS BACON.

If you read the Sonnet you will hear Bacon speaking to Elizabeth.

But anyway I am sidetracked, so back to Day 141.

I don't know if I have shared this before, but here is a link to a table with different ways to divide the Sonnets Pyramid:


The design works with 7, 11, 13, 14, 22, 26, 28, and even 52 Tiers. Each has its own characteristics and cipher connections. The 14 Tier is the main one, the Primary Pyramid, but all of them are connected.

Below notice that in the 26 Tier design (14 Days in each in 26 Tiers as opposed to 14 Tiers of 26 Days) Day 141 begins the 11th Tier on Line 831 of the Sonnets, "Natiuity once in the maine of light."

Look across at where Tier 11 connects with the other designs and you see in the 14 Tiered Pyramid the 11th Tier begins with Sonnet 111. Remember the 14 letters of Sonnet 60 where Day 141 lives using the modern 26 letter alphabet add up to 111 Simple cipher.


Let's look at the cipher numbers of Sonnet 111 which begins the 11th Tier in the 14 Tier design.



The 14 letter Reverse cipher is 143 and is the Simple cipher of QUEEN ELIZABETH.

The Kaye cipher is 259 the same as SHAKESPEARE.

The 11 letter (lines 2-12) Reverse cipher is 102 and ONE HUNDRED TWO is 157 Simple and 287 Kaye ciphers, the same as WILLIAM TUDOR I. Funny how the Seal numbers want to appear with 111.

Using the modern 26 letter codes the Reverse cipher is 158 which is the Simple cipher of ELIZABETH TUDOR (24 letter codes).

So 11 seems to me to be a "starting" place, the Two Pillars, Bacon's Nativity, and so on. Number 111 is connected to 11 in the Pyramid, and typically has a Seal number with it. We are seeing that it can contain the names of Elizabeth, Bacon, William, and Shakespeare.

As if when we pass beyond the Two Pillars (11) we enter a place where Three Pillars (111) will be found along with a 157 or 287, or both.

Sonnet 60 is a great sonnet. The words have so much meaning. 460+ years of Bacon's life in his own words.

LIke as the waues make towards the pibled shore,
So do our minuites hasten to their end,
Each changing place with that which goes before,
In sequent toile all forwards do contend.
Natiuity once in the maine of light.
Crawles to maturity,wherewith being crown'd,

Crooked eclipses gainst his glory fight,
And time that gaue,doth now his gift confound.
Time doth transfixe the florish set on youth,
And delues the paralels in beauties brow,
Feedes on the rarities of natures truth,
And nothing stands but for his sieth to mow.
   And yet to times in hope,my verse shall stand
   Praising thy worth,dispight his cruell hand.


We are in Bacon's "times of hope". His verse still stands. He Will be Crowned. 🙂

Go from 11 into 111 and find 157/287, it's a theme in the design. It may represent Bacon's life from Nativity till today.



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Posted (edited)

Hi Rob , this is deefinitively an astonishing analysis ! And thank you for sharing with us the secrets of your incredible Pyramid ! 

Regarding the number 141, I would simply remind you that it is the simple cipher of FRANCIS TUDOR. 😉 

And when you talked about "Nativity", it immediatly echoed in my mind with the wonderful work of A phoenix on "The Comedy of Errors" and reminded me the very instructive end of the Play.



If 100 is the simple cipher of FRANCIS BACON, it is also the Kaye cipher of TUDOR.

The first "Nativity" is the 44th word, and 44 is the CHILD(yeled) with the BLOOD(Dam) of the PHOENIX(Chol).

The first Dromio is the 77th word and 77 is the simple cipher of MINERVA, the Spear-shaker, Francis Bacon's Muse.

The second Dromio is the 103rd word, and 103 is the simple cipher of SHAKE-SPEARE.

(By the way, I just noticed that the simple cipher of ATOM is ... 46 ! 😀)

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Regarding the number 141, I would simply remind you that it is the simple cipher of FRANCIS TUDOR. 😉 

Thank you! I forgot that! 77 as MINERVA as well!

I'm thinking of building an easy to use/search database of Baconian cipher numbers...



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Good Evening High Wizard of B'Hive,

The Comedy of Errors is not only one of my favourite Baconian Shakespeare plays, but it is on so many levels my favourite title for any Shakespeare play; not least beacuse of its direct allusion to the vanity and stupidity of humankind, who have been wandering lost (just as Bacon himself says in The Advancment of Learning) in errors and confusions since the beginning of time, and for the last four hundred years confused and in error regarding the true authorship of the Shakespeare works. Lord, Such Fools These Mortals Be. 🙂♥️

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Yann: The first "Nativity" is the 44th word, and 44 is the CHILD(yeled) with the BLOOD(Dam) of the PHOENIX(Chol).

The other day when I was writing the Day 141 post I kept seeing 44 pop up. I knew it was something, but couldn't put my finger on it. 44 is an important number and appears, but my cluttered brain can only retain so much!

So I added up FORTY FOUR:


136 the Simple cipher of BACON SHAKESPEARE.

188 the Kaye cipher of JOHN DEE and ETERNITY.

46 we have been kicking around lately.

I see 89 but can't pull up anything on the fly.

Modern codes:

144 is SIR FRANCIS BACON (olds codes, but what we know and have been taught to see).

99 is the Day Bacon "died, April 9, 1626 (Day 99 of that year).

54 and 196 matter, but again not on the front of my brain.

Granted, "numbers" can be intentional and they can be coincidence. Even a coincidence to me is intentional on a Universal level.

I mentioned a cipher number database in a previous post. Mostly because I really need one! There is a lot to keep track of. Some numbers can and will lead to other connections, so a resource will be handy.

Yet too much would become a problem. I think of that. I need to keep it a Baconian database. That may not be totally in the Baconian scientific pure form, but my goal would be to make Baconian connections easier to find.

Just thinking...



Then categories. A few on my mind:




Myth: MINERVA, PALLAS ATHENA, JUPITER, so many more, etc.

Words: TRUTH, NATIVITY, CENTURY (100 Simple cipher), etc.


Plus the Sonnets and Days with their numbers and possibly other categories. 



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