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What did Bacon eat?

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Just had lunch at our favorite local British Pub. Over the past 15 years or so, knowing the owner and now his son who is taking over, they know I am a Baconian.


Every year as Bacon's birthday approaches we kick around Bacon Birthday event ideas. But time flies too fast and so far nothing has manifested.

On "good" years (pre-COVID) I've suggested hosting and even paying for a BIG Bacon to-do! Costumes, free food, a few free rounds of beer, etc., while inviting anyone in the world to attend. LOL

They've agreed to put up Sir Francis Bacon posters or framed prints, always eager to do whatever. Even when it is not Bacon's birthday.

On their menu they always have BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwiches, most days have daily soups with bacon in them. They have bacon in several of their recipes, I think it is just a British thing. Bacon is food and we know Shakespeare brings it up more than once. (My wife and I are in Florida in the US, the New Atlantis).

So now, over six months to Bacon's birthday, already thinking of a party here in Florida, in January when it is usually in the 70s and sunny. But I wonder, as far as a menu, what did Francis Bacon eat?

I'd love to order a meal Bacon would have enjoyed 400 years ago. I'm mostly a vegetarian, so might have to improvise a bit. But I really don't know what Bacon has shared about his diet.

I would love to have a mug of what Bacon and Jonson shared, even though I suspect it would kick my butt!

What did Bacon eat?



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Guess what I've found thanks to the Olla Podrida😃

The Olla Podrida, a Periodical work, complete in 44 numbers ! (1788)

with a reference to Shakespeare


and a reference to Bacon


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