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Essays: Of Gardens

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Bacon wrote:

God Almighty first planted a garden. And, indeed, it is the purest of human pleasure. It is the greatest refreshment to the spirits of man, without which, buildings and palaces are but gross handiworks. And a man shall ever see that when ages grow to civility and elegance, men come to build stately, sooner than to garden finely – as if gardening were the greater perfection.

I'm working in my yard today, bought a few new flowers for the Summer Florida heat replacing our Winter blooms. Our little backyard paradise where I think about Bacon and everything about him. We are counting birds today being Global Bird Day and I put fresh food out this morning. All while thinking about everything Bacon which is so exciting to me.

But getting my hands dirty, bending over and digging pushing my aging out-of-shape body, and making our oasis more a beautiful island of  Sanity in the midst of a crazy world, truly enjoying our "Garden."



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Hi Rob, I am not a gardener in the specialist or professional sense but I am blessed with a fantastic garden, with a lake, and large grounds behind it.  I have spent some of my weekend mowing the garden and the grounds which I find soothing and peaceful. It also reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from Lord Bacon 'Peace among the willows'. Paradoxically, I do the mowing wearing a pair of headphones. I usually start off with something slowish like ELO's Strange Magic, Floyd's, Shine On, or Zep's Staiway to Heaven and Ten Years Gone but as my adrenlin kicks in the tracks get heavier and heavier. By the time that I'm seriously flying and the Clash are on with London Calling, I am absolutely singing my head off and always imagine that the genteel neighbours are singing along with me! 

                                                                                 Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know
                                                                                 The piper's calling you to join him

                                                                                 And if you listen very hard
                                                                                 The tune will come to you at last
                                                                                 When all are one and one is all

                                                                                    [Led Zeppelin:  Stairway to Heaven]

                                                                                 Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face
                                                                                 With stars to fill my dreams
                                                                                 I am a traveler of both time and space
                                                                                 To be where I have been
                                                                                 Sit with elders of the gentle race
                                                                                 This world has seldom seen
                                                                                 Talk of days for which they sit and wait
                                                                                 All will be revealed

                                                                                            [Led Zeppelin: Kashmir]




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Kashmir has always been my VERY Favorite Zeppelin song! I "won" the double album on the radio when it came out. 8th or 9th Grade school days, whatever year that album came out! 🙂

We are on the same page on music taste. We have tickets to a Pink Floyd tribute concert with musicians who play with Grateful Dead members in a few weeks. It'll be interesting and fun! (Yes, Bacon will be on my mind, enjoying the music and visual show with me!)

Full Lunar eclipse around Midnight tonight here. The sky is very clear. I'll try to stay up and opened my 1625 copy of the Essay up to the 46th Essay, "Of Gardens" on page 266.

It's not dark yet, still playing in the yard. But might look at this Essay a bit. Big woodcut "G" at the beginning?

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OK, I was WRONG. No eclipse tonight, I have been looking at the brightest "Full" moon I have seen in maybe a couple years. No eclipse. I made a pot of coffee for my wife and I to stay up. LOL

The eclipse is tomorrow night. I may be sound asleep for it.

Wide awake now, listening to "Kashmir" with headphones. Baconating all day in my head, gardening around our yard.

"Of Gardens"

I've read all these Essays many times. So many lines we know, so many thoughts that teach us. A Bacon Masterpiece!

Being prose we don't expect a lot of ciphers like we see in Shakespeare. Yet Bacon's works contain secrets as we've seen here on this forum, but not like Shakespeare where Bacon was almost reckless with his story. Granted, in those final months I picture Bacon and Jonson enjoying fully weaving this and that into Shakespeare's First Folio. Drinking fermented brews of some sorts, toying with ancient alchemical potions, and/or just loving life and doing what they were doing. No robes or capes, just a couple close friends hanging out with a shared purpose.

In Bacon's works? It is different. We see "Bacon" ciphers and hints when his name is already on whatever it is! Why? WHY?

Teaching and sharing. Simple enough.

So the absolute fact that Bacon's first Essay in my 1625 edition of the Essays is "Of Truth" when OF TRUTH is 103 Simple cipher the exact same as SHAKESPEARE.

OF TRUTH is also 155 Kaye cipher the same as the Simple cipher of WILL SHAKESPEARE.


  1.      Did Bacon intentionally place a "Shakespeare" cipher signature at the beginning of his 1625 Essays? Well, we will never know for sure no matter what we believe.
  2.      Was Bacon aware that "OF TRUTH" added up to 103, the same as "SHAKESPEARE"? How could he not? Of course he knew. Bacon teaches us how to do exactly that. Yet possible it was an accident.
  3.      If an accident or coincidence, is that a bigger miracle than if Bacon knew and took advantage to tell his story?

Doesn't matter, Bacon's Essays are amazing.

"Of Gardens"

Essay number 46, page 266.


The big woodcut "G", most of we Baconians immediately know that the Kaye cipher of G is 33, the Simple cipher of BACON. And some of we know that in the Sonnets Pyramid design the "G" is the "157" we all know. The first "A" of the Double A's I suspect with "L" being the second "A" at 287.


So anyway, Essay 46 "Of Gardens" begins with the word GOD. The G is a woodcut (3 and 157), O and D are 14 (O in Simple cipher) and 4 (D in Simple cipher) to make 144, the Simple cipher of SIR FRANCIS BACON.

But silly, why would Bacon encode his name in his own works?


Page 266 and start counting with GOD (267) on and the word at 287 is "to".

So what? But TO is 33 Simple cipher.

GOD Almightie first Planted a Garden

GARDEN is 103 Reverse cipher.

One thing about maintaining a garden is nurturing and growing living things. Bacon nurtured and grew his Shakespeare works (SHAKESPEARE is 103 Simple cipher). In this Essay is he implying he is GOD? No, but he definitely wanted to start this Essay with a powerful word. GOD is a powerful word.

Essay 46. We know 46, at least have heard of it. (I've yet to understand it's purpose). Psalms 46 is the one in the 1611 KJV that has the words "shake" and "speare" 46 words from the beginning and end, with 111 words between them. By the math, the same can be expressed as "shake" and "speare" are 157 words from the beginning and the end.

Read the Essay. There is a lot of basic plant knowledge that Bacon likely shared and repeated what he did not learn himself, but there are a few lines throughout that have deeper meaning with numbers and esoteric winks.

I have so much to say! But enough for now. Moon is full and bright, no eclipse tonight and sleep time for me.








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The first 2 songs that I learned to play on the guitar, many years ago, were Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin and Signe from Eric Clapton ( MTV Unplugged 1992) ! 😃

Was it a sign ?

There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven
Ooh, it makes me wonder.

- Stairway to Heaven -

Here are my thoughts about "Of Gardens".

This Essay is, for me, as important as "Of Truth" and reveals that Francis Bacon was Shakespeare.

There are many hidden references to SHAKE - SPEARE.

1) "OF GARDEN" is the anagram of "DEN OF GAR" or in other terms  "THE LAIR OF THE SPEAR"

    Indeed GAR is a synonym of SPEAR, and GAR is the 33 rd rune of the anglo-saxon Futhark. 33 = BACON

2) 46 is indeed a reference to Psalm 46, the one that has the words "Shake" and "Speare".


     BACON = FREE = 33 confirms that he is the SPEARE.

3) Part of the Truth lies in HEBREW.

    GOD ALMIGHTY is EL SHADAI and the gematria of EL SHADAI is ...  345

    The Hebrew word for Garden is GAN and here, Bacon is talking about the Garden of EDEN or GAN EDEN.

    And guess what ?

    The gematria of GAN is ... 53,the simple cipher of POET/SWAN/SOW.

      And  the word "BACON" appears on bothe pages 53 of COMEDIES and HISTORIES of the First Folio

     " Hang Hog, is Latten for Bacon, I warrant you."   - Merry Wives of Windsor 

     "I have a gammon of Bacon, and two razes of Ginger, to be delivered as farre as Charing-Crosse."   - The First Part of King Henry the Fourth

     The gematria of GAN EDEN is ... 177, the simple cipher of WILLIAM SHAKE-SPEARE.


The Merchant of Venice (First Folio - page 177)

https://sirbacon.org/all-is-num2er/ 1623 for more details about all the references to Francis Bacon in this passage.


4) Bacon concealed, in this essay, a message which is identical to the one that he concealed in "THE TEMPEST".






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28 minutes ago, Light-of-Truth said:

Awesome Allisnum2er!! 🙂

There may be a "Wil Tudor" on the page as well!


The 33rd word starting with GOD is "Grosse". A big G, and rosse (rose)?


WOW ! AWESOME TOO ROB (Light-of-Truth) !😀

I am not sure about the Grosse for "G rose".

I think that the answer is given by Ben Jonson in The English Grammar (1640).



I believe that GROSSE stands for CROSSE.

(After all if the 3rd English and Latin letters are C the 3rd hebrew letter is G for Gimmel)


And with the word Pallaces that conceals Pallas, the spear-shaker , we have ...



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Good Morning Hi Wizard of B'Hive (ala Jimmy Page) you and Rob's work on Of Gardens was thoroughly engaging and illuminating.  There are some very striking parallels between Of Gardens and The Winter's Tale. As I remember Spedding rather unusually comments upon it. I will look it up later.   

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‘The scene in the “Winter’s Tale,” where Perdita presents the guests with flowers suited to their ages, has some expressions which, if this Essay had been contained in the earlier edition, would have made me suspect that Shakespeare had been reading it.’

                                                                                               [Spedding, Works, VI, p. 486n1]

'just around the date of The Winter's Tale, the art and nature debate had come alive again, and it seemed possible that art might give back to Nature some of its former fecundity. Francis Bacon argued that experimental science, still a fledgling, might eventually do this. Nature, because of the Fall, could only deliver a single harvest a year, but art-by which Bacon meant natural science, in particular mnaipulating seeds-might discover how to grow two or three crops annually. So too with human bodies: new drugs might alleviate suffering and infimity, and surgical experiments show what medicine could do for 'the body of man'.

                                                               [John Pitcher, ed., The Winter's Tale (Arden Shakespeare, 2010) pp. 55-6] 


In her edition of FB’s Essays Mary Augusta Scott, compares Of Gardens with The Winters Tale, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Henry V and Twelfth Night.

[Mary Augusta Scot, The Essays of Francis Bacon (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1908, reprinted by the Modern Student’s Library, n.d., Of Gardens, pages unnumbered].

For a discussion of FB and The Winters Tale see W. F. C. Wigston, Bacon Shakespeare and the Rosicrucians (London: George Redway, 1897), pp. 139-55.

For a number of articles on FB and The Winters Tale in Baconiana see A. M. Challinor, An Index to Baconiana and its predecessors, 1886-1999 (The Francis Bacon Society), p. 151.

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