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Bacon-Shakespeare Secret Republican Father of the Modern World

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Read the new fascinating article on SirBacon.org's What's New page by A. Phoenix!

"Both Bacon and Shakespeare (obviously treated separately by orthodox scholars) have very largely been presented as conservative political thinkers whereas more recently several modern scholars have finally begun to partly recognise the republican themes running through both the canons, which completely revolutionises and transforms our understanding of the first philosopher-poet of the modern world."

A. Phoenix Archives - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning - SirBacon.org


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Posted (edited)

I read this amazing article this morning on the A. Phoenix Academia.edu page. By coincidence before Lawrence sent me the message to post it in What's New.

My wish is for CNN, Fox News, and every other major media to learn about this article and discuss it. It is so very appropriate for right now in the New Atlantis (America).

Politics in America right now is jabberwocky, to say it mildly. Trump, who I feel has a wish to be the new Hitler, has divided this country and anyone trying to follow a middle path of sanity is struggling. So much hate, so much fighting. NOT what Bacon's reformation was about. Republicans who are not filthy rich and/or descended from slave owners, and/or self-righteous White Christian hypocrites are wondering what they actually stand for as a Republican. I vote Democrat because of the environment and I do believe that America should be equally fair to all races and that we should open our arms (or wings) to anyone in the world who wants to come here and thrive with a good education and reasonable medical care. We have plenty of space AND money, if everything were fair to all. Are Republicans against that? Not really, but now that is one of the huge divisions that make little sense to anyone who has Love in their hearts and wants Bacon's vision to come to fruit (even if they never heard of Francis Bacon). I understand that businesses should be able to make a ton of money, and become powerful. I wish we didn't need regulation. But in Florida we do. Pollution and toxic chemicals in the water system kills life and in the Gulf of Mexico and the ocean destroys ecosystems. Red Tide has cost us all around here a financial fortune during some years, and is a horrible eye-burning coughing nightmare to live through. Global warming? We see it here. Florida hosts Tropical Storms and Hurricanes every year. All that environmental discussion is a "Democrat" leftist stand. Would Bacon as the father of the Republican idea suggest raping Nature to benefit the greedy, denying the inevitable disastrous future because we will all die anyway from a nuclear war? I don't think so. But with this crazy unnecessary divide, Republican politicians are promoting the idea that the "Left" are weak tree-hugging people who care about our Earth and just want to have the Government pay for everything while making businesses suffer and not do anything to contribute. So wrong.

It is insane. INSANE.

I don't know if you follow the news in Florida, but right now our Governor, a "GOP" Presidential candidate (Ron DeSantis) who could very well become our President has taken on a public battle with the most powerful business in Florida, Disney (Mickey Mouse). That is how crazy things are down here! The possible next President of the United States is fighting with a Mouse? Granted, it is a VERY Powerful Mouse.

Am I living in a cartoon? Really? Am I?

I am all in in for the Mouse. I grew up with Mickey Mouse. My parents did. In fact, all over the world for generations children of all cultures have grown up with Mickey Mouse.

Our minds are shaped, influenced and molded on some level by Disney movies. I am now stating that maybe Disney for a couple generations is what Shakespeare was 400 years ago. The beauty, the stories, the meaning. Love and goodness are always  the teaching. Good vs Evil, with Love winning.

Some Disney movies are now hidden, cancelled by the leftist where I vote. UGH.

I get it, stereotypes do in fact cause pain and suffering for way too many people. I get it. From jokes and kidding around in public to not being hired at a job to have food to eat and feed your family, it is costly and sad. Not fair.

"Song of the South," I grew up with it. My Dad singing the songs in our home when I was little. "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah - Zip-a-dee-a - My oh my, what a wonderful day"!

I see now where it is racist with racial overtones. But it is was the day. It is our shared history of America. Yet still a beautiful movie, shaped young black lives with beauty and love as all of us long ago. We knew it was real, still living it, yet the movie was a treasure. We all still live the Truth in that movie.

Republicans were all over the news screaming, "Cancel Culture! Cancel Culture!" I am sad hoping Song of the South will never disappear. Kids today won't see it. But today is different from when I was a kid. Today is different than yesterday. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

In contrast, Critical Race Theory is the opposite side of the same coin that IS the same on both sides! So now the left is promoting a solid very well-researched paper that A. Phoenix could have researched and written on the Truth about American today and why things are the way they are while the Anti-Mouse (DeSantis) and his supporters are  banning books in schools and making laws that the subject cannot even be discussed. Yet the same politicians fought so hard for the Mouse's movie about the deep South when poor Blacks were exactly as Disney portrayed. Huh? They are the same story. What? An old cartoon is OK but a scholarly paper is not when both are sharing our history.

Critical Race Theory supports what Disney presented with Love decades ago and vice-sersa. Yet two sides fighting for and against both. Am I living in a cartoon?

Truth matters. History is critically important. Cannot deny what America has been and still going through. It is a work in progress. Yet art and beauty should never be denied, nor scholarly articles from Yale that can help us plan for the future. Even in my own brief lifetime society has changed so much.

Anti-Mouse is not doing this to be re-elected in Florida as Governor, he would be destroying himself. Florida has a lot of black people in certain yet almost designated areas, a huge population and influx of gay and lesbian business people with money and influence with their families, and a significant population of local professionals that know tourism is the base of our livelihood, not just from America but around the globe. The Mouse is the factor that makes the beaches thrive beyond what the beaches offer alone. $$$

Anti-Mouse may be our next President. I'd say likely. Meet the next United States President, Ron DeSantis, the Anti-Mouse. (Wow! Cartoon land!!)

Disney? Shakespeare of today, focused on the young and their parents. The Mouse has its own government down here. They bought a swamp outside of Orlando for a "song" as the saying goes. But realistically, less than one of their "songs" were worth. They worked a deal where they were the Government on their land. Disney Parks, housing developments, businesses, shopping centers, everything. They "govern" it, and collect their own taxes. A "New Atlantis" of their own. Very successful, a mini-Utopia in Florida. I am sure a very Republican population with money.

The moment you drive into any Disney property it is gorgeous immediately. Everything is wonderful in there. People who can afford to live there, love it. It is how the entire World of humans should enjoy living safe and secure.

Disney is and always has been open to anybody. They promote the same. Get a job there, equal opportunity, any color, any sexual orientation, any religion. You love it and are honest, you work hard, you Will succeed beyond what any other opportunity in the World might hold. Thus Disney took a stand when DeSantis started to attack gays and lesbians. Calling them "groomers!" Horrendous and ignorant implication. He sees an opportunity to feed hate and get more votes from the ignorant. Disney spoke up and thus a war started. Lots of attention for Anti-Mouse, more votes from people who are afraid of anyone except themselves. I call it "trailer park mentality", but it goes all the way up to the highest levels of our society. Even the highest level sometimes in Bacon's New Atlantis.

Disney is and always has been an International attraction. Big time. Huge!

Listen to this slice of a significant part of Bacon's New Atlantis, the United States of America:

You are a White kid from maybe Wisconsin or Michigan, or almost anywhere mid-West. A total White school, a White church, and possible even an entire White town. You have a loving Christian family, established and healthy, very nice. Full of Love. They grew up on Disney movies as of all you kids. Bambi, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Jungle Book, and later the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, so on. Shakespeare of our lives, for generations!

So you go to Disney World. Your family dream!! Got the money saved over years, a quality room at one of the Disney Resorts in the amazing beautiful Mickey Mouse New Atlantis, a dream come true.

In the resort, and definitely in the lines at Disney when everyone is smiling and laughing, hearing "It's a small word after all" music as you come in, you see your first Japanese family. Kids same age, doing and acting like you. Parents doing exactly what your parents are doing with their phones, tickets, whatever. Dressed as nice as you and your family where you went shopping in whatever mall you have up there getting your "Florida" vacation clothes (short pants and short sleeves even at Christmas). But their clothes are different, their language different. But the smiles and giggles are Universal. They smile at you and your siblings and you smile at all of them.

Behind you a family from Pakistan. Same as above, but their clothes are incredible! You all smile at each other. Happy Day!! Disney! Mickey Mouse is greeting you all!

Bacon, New Atlantis, Shakespeare. Love and Happy, the "teaching" you Will never forget. The Mouse is the Shakespeare for kids and their parents. For generations now.

Then after a few days you go to the beach. I have time to spend on this forum because people from all over the World come to Florida to be hugged by the Mouse and then visit the beaches. More International families from the same economic background and as happy as your White family. Wow! Never knew!

You the White kid with NO experience outside of White people where you live, go home believing people from all around the World are exactly as you. Everybody Loves the Mouse and being Happy and Nice is how we all should live, together.

The Anti-Mouse is playing to all of the same White people who are not at Disney World, but more from a position Hate and fear than Love.

He is not trying to be Florida's gov, he is brilliant, not dumb as a rock like Trump, he is doing everything based on numbers. He thinks he has enough numbers to win a National election and watch as he adjusts his fights based on the numbers. He is not Bacon's "Republican", he is milking what disaster Trump is leaving with the division taking advantage of "numbers".

Disney will not lose in Florida. Won't happen, but it won't affect the Anti-Mouse, he already did what he needs for the TV News and the battle will fade away.

Is DeSantis evil? I don't know. But I will say he is smart and will do what he needs to do to win. Taking on the Mouse? Bad move here in Florida, but on National TV will pump up his base. Even though a lot of that same base have been saving for years to bring their families to Disney World, "Where Dreams Come True."

Sorry to venture into my own thoughts so far. But after reading this article by A. Phoenix this morning my head has been spinning while trying to focus on everything else.

I think all of America should read and understand what Bacon had in mind. Yet they should also know about Bacon's relationship with Nature. And they should READ his New Atlantis and know it is not about White people only, it is a Utopia for everyone.

Is Disney the new Shakespeare (Bacon)?

His Rosicrucian Reformation of the World? Are we living it? As if in a cartoon, so crazy it makes no sense? But it Will work out?
















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Posted (edited)

Hi Rob,

Writing the essay on Lord Bacon the secret republican father of the United States of America and the rest of the modern world, who by secret engines with his Rosicrucian-Freemasonry Brotherhood are set on the universal reformation of the whole world, was a very emotional experience and your kind and generous response heightened that emotion. 

The Tempest which opens the Shakespeare First Folio is a thinly disguised dramatic portrayal of the founding of the New World and his utopian manifesto the New Atlantis (or, Land of the Rosicrucians) the philosophical-scientific blueprint for what became the United States of America, the first modern republican-democracy and leader of the free world. 

It was this moment led by Bacon-Shakespeare, Brother of the Rosy Cross, that represents a demarcation, a  crucial before and after point in history-the Bacon-Shakespeare moment, that forever changed the future direction and destiny of mankind. 

When this is finally openly and fully revealed to the rest of humankind Bacon will rise again phoenix-like and his fame and greatness will spread to each and every corner of the globe-and we, our children, and our children's children, will honour his name, and bless heaven. 

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In his recent masterly and groundbreaking edition of Bacon’s History of Henry VII Professor Weinberger reveals its importance to the rise of modern republicanism and the politics of progress which ingeniously presents a picture of a modern democratic state that now characterises the western hemisphere and much of the rest of the world:    

The History is a window to the spirit of modern politics and government…secularism, utilitarianism, republicanism, and democracy....

    It presumes that Bacon had a reason for making the History so hard to penetrate. Obviously, he must have meant for many readers-perhaps most-to misunderstand it in some way. Why on earth would he want to do this? For the following reasons. Bacon wanted to pave the way for a society based on modern science and technological progress. Such a society would be essentially egalitarian, because the efforts of the few, scientists and inventors, would serve the desires of the many… But he lived in a monarchy and could not wish it away, and so he had to use the existing forms of political power as a means to his own ends. This meant advising monarchs to do what he knew was, in the long run, not in their interests-certainly tricky and even dangerous.

   …the truly discerning and daring will understand, when they add everything up, that the History actually shows the way to a world in which kings are no longer necessary.

[Jerry Weinberger, ed., Francis Bacon The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1996), pp. 213, 218.]

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One of Bacon's (and Shakespeares) eternal significance is how everything he did is important in every age. Today, as it was in the early 1600's. Same stories, different players. Same lessons learned. A Truth, even if only a minute...

If we learn from the past, we can plan for the future. But the numbers are totally in the flock of sheep. They live in whatever episode of the same thing that happens over and over, and over again for centuries!

How do we unleash what Bacon left to those who most need it???




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It is clear from his acknowledged writings and his Shakespeare plays that Bacon was fascinated by the figure and myth of Hercules and he evidently saw himself as a kind of Herculean philosopher and scientist whose immense efforts would benefit mankind and the future direction of the world and it appears others saw him in the same image. In his long and detailed article ‘Beyond Hercules: Bacon and the Scientist as Hero’, Steadman observes ‘Bacon’s heroic ideal, his conception of the scientist as a benefactor, laboring through power of knowledge and charity for the greater good of man and the greater glory of God provided him with a standard of measurement whereby he might judge and revalue the older, more conventional conceptions of heroism’. A way of exploring this heroic topoi was through the ‘images of the voyager and the magician’, the voyages of Odysseus, the Argonauts, and Columbus. The magico-scientist-philosopher Prospero in Shakespeare’s play (or Rosicrucian manifesto) The Tempest ‘represents an idealized type of the magician-hero (and he is also, incidentally, a voyager) and like ‘Bacon’s magus, Prospero is a benefactor. He too realizes that knowledge is power, and he uses his power well.’ Bacon’s Great Instauration was heroic and ‘the motto Plus ultra not only evoked the image of Hercules, a proverbial symbol of Virtus Heroica, but pointed the way toward a nobler mode of conquest.’ The scientist ‘as Bacon conceived him was active and contemplative hero’:

That near-contemporaries, spokesmen for the “new philosophy” during the last three quarters of the century, should hail Bacon himself in heroic terms was no more than poetic justice. For Rawley, he was a man of “divine understanding”. For the contributors to the Manes Verulamiani he was “Verulamius Heros”-“noster Heros [qui] traderet scientias Aeternitati”; the Columbus who has conquered a New World with new arts.…Comenius linked him with Campanella as a “Hercules, who has debelled monsters and purged the Augean stables” through his attacks on Aristotelian philosophy. Gassendi lauded his “heroic daring”…To the University of Oxford he seemed “a literary Hercules, who has further advanced the pillars of learning, deemed by others immovable.” For Cowley he resembled Moses, who had led “our wandering Praedecessors” through the wilderness to the border of the “blest promis’d Land”. For Leibniz he was “divini ingenii vir.”1

1. John M. Steadman, ‘Beyond Hercules: Bacon and the Scientist as Hero’, in The

    Legacy Of Francis Bacon, ed., William A Sessions (Atlanta, Georgia: Georgia

    State University, 1971), pp. 30-1, 44, 46.

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