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Happy Easter - 2022

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So it is Easter when I wake up tomorrow, it is already Easter for most of us in this forum right now. The first Sunday after the Full Moon soon as the Sun Crosses the sky at the equinox. Full Moon is today, tomorrow is Easter. Every year the date is different, but I'll say every year there has some magic. My entire life. Starting as a kid it was waking up to an Easter basket, chocolate eggs and bunnies, and those malted milk-eggs that are so delicious. Jelly beans, and other treats.

Every few years my parents would drag me and my brother to church wearing new stiff clothes we'd hate, but we'd hear the traditional story of Jesus ("IC" as I've learned from Allisnum2er), and we'd sing slow hymns, etc. (White, suburban middle class Americans in a generic Methodist church.) Yet still, the candy at home made the day a Happy day for us little kids. Coloring Easter Eggs was fun, and there is some kind of really ancient powerful Magic in that alone. Decorated Eggs can be incredible, amazing.

Later years I always still enjoyed Easter and it was always still magic. Chocolate, malted-eggs, usually still show up. But as I grew older and learned in life, the rebirth story has been told in many cultures around the world, repeated and changed for whoever the story was for. The Easter Bunny became a fertility symbol, the eggs, so on. Same story, similar names, but Spring is Spring, and rebirth is always the theme.

Maybe it is the annual "Rebirth" celebration that is older than we can even fathom. Human history is very dated, yet the human mind and our knowledge goes back much longer. Cave drawings were painted by their Shakespeare's at the time. They started the knowledge we still know today wanting to pass it on to the future using berries and stones.

For me, there is "Magic" about Easter that is beyond description. A handful of my most incredible moments have been on Easter.

Then I learned about Bacon and Dee. Yet another "Rebirth" story of a "Son" born to a "Virgin." But this time, the historical records carry some weight; baptisms, education, actual handwritten letters from one person to the next!! Bacon "died" on Easter Sunday April 9, 1626. At least in the public view. On April 9th this year we talked about that day here:

But in 2022, Easter is on April 17, tomorrow for me. Most who read this will be waking up on Easter Sunday.

It's not the "date" Bacon that died, or "Rose" from the dead. But it IS Easter, the first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Sun Crosses the Equinox.

Happy Easter! Hope it is a Magical Day for you!!





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