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Funny Cartoon - Not Specific to Baconians

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Yet I am the first to say when I see it I think of myself...


This cartoon has been passed around in my circle for a few years when appropriate.

Some of us have been there and have to laugh. Stratfraudians, Oxfartians, recently Stuarturdians, we need to laugh at ourselves. Our Egos play tricks on us! Wisdom allows us to see our errors and laugh. We live and learn, every day. 

I may take the cake, in the right mood I can solve every problem in the World, and at the time I believe it is True, but I wake up thinking maybe I was merely spinning my brain.

Granted if I was King of the World, maybe we'd be living in the New Atlantis sharing food, medical care, joy, and we'd live Bacon's dream. Right now, I believe that is True. When I wake up tomorrow I might realize I would make a total mess. LOL

My wife is in the background always listening, and always keeping my feet (at least one of them), on the ground.


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