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Baconian Thread From 2004


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Hi, I happened by chance across a thread on a Physics Forum that is from 2004 - 18 years old. The main poster on the thread is a guy (?) called Quddusaliquddus, a dyed in the wool Baconian who bats back every opposition, the more you get into it, with interesting detail you’d find on this forum, and he links to Sir Bacon too. Maybe this person is one of you!

Anyway, I’m posting because for those of you who don’t know I study cycles, and 18 and 18.6 years are both significant lunation cycles. When something like this happens I’ve noticed it can sometimes be a pointer to pay closer attention, because something that was missed 18 years ago can come around again.

Although I know everyone has a backlog of things to read, it may be an idea to whisk through these pages to see if there’s something missed for 18 years or a link to something forgotten.

It is only 4 pages, but one warning, it’s full of adverts (and not the most highbrow of forums but still there may be a gem in there).




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