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Sacred Geometry Primer


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I think it’s important for any Baconian to understand Sacred Geometry, as then it becomes more obvious how shapes were used to reference or encode things. I’m not a great fan of ‘commercialised’ films like this, but this is a neat primer. For example the Masonic Triple Tau encodes the number 720 and you’ll see why that number is important in this film


This link should take you to a 27 minute film called Sound of Creation 

Additionally, I will repost here the cover I was playing around with (on my phone) elsewhere in this forum a while back. It’s not exact as I didn’t spend much time on it, but I feel it’s important to put it in under this film link in this section of the forum.

It’s definitely a possibility that Divine Proportion was utilised in someway. These are just examples to spark ideas. I’m not saying this is a ‘discovery’ just to be alert for Platonic Solids and Divine Proportion and associated numbers and angles to encode  ~ Kate



Then these are the ones Rob (who knows all about Geometry) kindly did for me on his computer.


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 "For nothing is born without unity or without the point." amazon.com/dp/B0CLDKDPY8

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Here are some more basic geometry shapes that can be used as overlays.47EEF3DE-571F-4457-9E3D-79748D630D8B.jpeg.b47fd69c30553f75c0043284f46096ba.jpeg

In Freemasonry the ‘point in the centre’ is of the utmost symbolic importance, so it’s a good idea to always try and find what would be the centre of the area you are looking at.

Using shape in this way could/would sometimes have been used as a way of highlighting specific text, but just how often it was used and where, it’s almost impossible to say - but it can be an interesting exercise to try.  

This one is aligned to the bottom line of the two parallel ones and from here you can add in other shapes, like crosses and triangles (shaded ones too) or the Y

Another shape that is of huge symbolic significance in Freemasonry, is the two interlocking triangles. I used this shape and rotated it. It points to the double AAs (under the double AAs in the header) but I think this is just a coincidence.  You can also see the M that is formed, but I don’t think there’s any huge discovery with this shape, I’m just showing ways to use them.

Finally, for now, this is another important shape.


The importance of 108° cannot be overstated, as all those familiar with Rosicrucian symbolism know. 

Both numbers 72 and 108 and their association with the heavens/planets and the turning of the Earth and the movement of the Ages, are fully explained in my ebook.



PS. I have noted in my files that the images are from Frank C. Higgins (c1914) but nothing more specific. Many of his books are available freely online as PDFs and very, very widely shared but mindful that we always need to credit people, I’ll certainly credit or remove if someone reading objects. I’m pretty sure it’s all public domain or I would have marked it in my files. Can you even copyright shapes? I think it’s like letters and numbers?  

The overlaid ones are mine. 


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 "For nothing is born without unity or without the point." amazon.com/dp/B0CLDKDPY8

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