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Hidden Skulls, Paintings, John Dee

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For those who may be interested to know about things hidden in paintings here’s the famous picture of John Dee which was found to contain skulls.

Also, at the bottom is the picture of Dee (in the shadows) in the pic from Wiki of Shakespeare reciting Hamlet with twins (!)  Judith, Hamnet and the rest of his family 7716374D-2EE6-4445-91B4-EBD8943CEF9C.jpeg.df6b04de1590fd9503e6adba131e90d5.jpeg



There is also this fascinating video about the Holbein picture. Nothing  directly to do with Dee or Bacon, but Holbein was a humanist and very much a part of esoteric circles. This video is worth a watch to know how to spot or decipher things.


Holbein also painted Apollo and the Muses on Parnassus; 1533  We all know Bacon (born 1561) became known as Apollo.



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Hi Kate,

the painting of Dr Dee who mentored Lord Bacon from a very early age is absolutely fascinating coupled with the mysterious painting of 'Shakespeare' with Dr Dee in the background combining skulls and the immortal play Hamlet which together conjures up the grave scene and the skull of Yorick encapsulating its central theme of life and death-the very subject Lord Bacon wrote an essay and two very long treatises on.

The video exploring the complexities of the Holbein painting was instructive and illuminating with its skull serving as an optical illusion which when viewed from different angles yields up it hidden form, shape, and dimensions. The Holbein painting of The Ambassadors is probably the most famous painting of the reign of Henry VIII wherein the climax to the closing scene of the Shakespeare play of the same name Lord Bacon puts in the mouth of Cranmer a great speech in which he prophesises that the baby Princess Elizabeth, although described as a ‘maiden phoenix’ shall leave behind her a son and heir. The speech doubles as a veiled record of the state secret that the so-called Virgin Queen carried a royal child, as conveyed in the Pregnancy Portrait of Queen Elizabeth at Hampton Court, and gave birth to a concealed heir, Bacon-Shakespeare, ‘as great in fame as she was’:  

                           The bird of wonder dies- the maiden phoenix-

                            Her ashes new create another heir,

                            As great in admiration as herself;

                            So shall she leave her blessedness to one,

                            When heaven shall call her from this cloud of darkness,

                            Who from the sacred ashes of her honour

                            Shall star-like rise as great in fame as she was,

                            And so stand fixed: Peace, plenty, love, truth, terror,

                            That were the servants to this chosen infant,

                            Shall then be his, and like a vine, grow to him.

                            Wherever the bright sun of heaven shall shine,

                            His honour and the greatness of his name

                            Shall be, and make new nations. He shall flourish,

                            And, like a mountain cedar reach his branches

                            To all the plains about him. Our children’s children

                            Shall see this, and bless heaven...

                                            [Henry VIII: 5:4:39-55]

For an article and two videos on the subject see

'The Pregnancy Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I and The Secret Royal Birth of Francis Bacon, Concealed Author of the Shakespeare Works':




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