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Names and Pseudonyms of Bacon


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Thought I’d just add this under its own heading.

With all the postings of front covers I have been struck by just how many different ways Francis Bacon’s name is shown. I decided to make a list as it may be of help when looking for his name when encrypted. Everyone tends to look for Bacon, but it could be hidden as other spellings too. 

I'm sure there are some I’ve left out, so do add to the list if you’ve seen more.

Obviously some V’s are meant to be read as U but this is how they appear. 
Fr can sometimes mean Fratre (brother) too.1D94AC0F-8702-4ABE-BBA3-E5CA44808A50.jpeg.293a2f88f20401d92fc82452aadb80b7.jpeg


Fr. Lo. Bacon 

Fr. Bacono 

Let’s add in pseudonyms too:

Valerius Terminus

Hermes Stella 


and Mottos

Mediocria Firma

Buccinator Novi Temporis (Herald of  a New Time)

Tertius A. Platone, Philosophia Princeps (The Third Plato)

Bene visit qui bene latuit (One lives best by the hidden life).


Thanks to Peter Dawkins and AP for some of these.

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 "For nothing is born without unity or without the point." amazon.com/dp/B0CLDKDPY8

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Hi Kate, it is believed Lord Bacon wrote under numerous psuedonyms of which the following might serve as an introduction: Ulpian Fulwell, Thomas Newton, George Gascoigne, John Lyly, Sir Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, George Peele, Thomas Greene, Thomas Nashe, Christopher Marlowe, Miguel de Cervantes, John Heywood, and of course, Shakespeare.  There are certainly others that could be added to this list. 

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Hi Kate, in the recent 1066 page The Oxford Francis Bacon Early Writings 1584-1596 (Oxford Clarendon Press, 2012) its editors Alan Stewart and Harriet Knight reproduced/reprinted some twenty five works, writings and letters by FB: legal, religio-political, the manuscript of Promus of Formularies and Elegances (his private note-book) from which literally hundreds of words, phrases and sentences are found in his Shakespeare works (see Pott and Cockburn), a play entitled The Misfortunes of Arthur from whence there are echoes in at least a dozen or more Shakespeare plays (see my article), and several other devices, masques, and dramatic entertainments.  This is what they had to say about them:   

These writings can be classified into four categories: first, texts that Bacon wrote but not for public consumption; second, texts Bacon wrote to be circulated with his name; third, texts Bacon intended to circulate anonymously; and fourth, texts that were intended to circulate under another’s name.

                [Alan Stewart with Harriet Knight, eds., The Oxford Francis Bacon: Early Writings 1584-1596 (Oxford Clarendon Press, 2012), p. xxviii]

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