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Sir Francis Bacon Skis

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OK, for we who have been around a while, searching Google, etc., "Sir Francis Bacon" skis popped up. Over the years I have never seen a reference to our Bacon, nor have I been able to find out why they use Bacon's name. There is no explanation anywhere I have seen.

But the skis appear to be popular, high-end, and have not gone away even though several years ago I wished they would. LOL

I have business history in Colorado in the ski areas from 1981 till 1997. I was a "Mountain Man" in the business machine world from Steamboat Springs down the Rockies to Crested Butte and everywhere in between (Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, Copper Mt., Winter Park, etc.), reasonably successful, and skiing in the winter when I could find the time.

That was before I learned about Bacon, and definitely before "Sir Francis Bacon" skis came out.

Their promo video:

The Sir Francis Bacon promotional video mentions "Park" skiers and "Park" skis, so I assume they are in Park City, Utah where I have never skied. Beautiful, much like Steamboat Springs, CO. Deep powder snow.

But why did they name the skies "Sir Francis Bacon"? Nothing about the history of the skis say why.

All these hotdog skiers using them, do they even ask who was "Bacon"?

I know these ski guys, albeit from a generation ago. "Hey dude, pass the bong and a beer."

They ski in the winter in the Rockies, surf in the summer in California.

I will pursue who they are, and suggest they need a line of skis, "Bacon wrote Shakespeare" even though it may not have any impact on the world. Except on Google...




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Ha! Just came onto the forum to post these pics and saw there is already a thread on them!

It may be that the guys, or one of them,  is a Mason or it may just be a nod towards FB’s scientific prowess, but methinks the numbers in sets of three point to the former! 





For those who have read my ebook, The Secret Work of an Age (see review page) the fact this company called ‘Line’ have used the eye, that shows how light crosses over at the optic chiasm, is intriguing!


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