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Found 4 results

  1. Why? 1. Introduce the Python-on-Colab library of 50+ routines for studying anomalous Word Clusters in the text of the First Folio. 2. Present to the public the Data Portal for viewing and downloading the results of this Experiment. https://gorhambury.org/public/experiments/experiment-seventeen/
  2. Antony and Cleopatra Fortune 46 King Lear Nature 47 Henry VIII Honour 60 Othello Reputation 11 Colab 3.10.12 (main, Nov 20 2023, 15:14:05) [GCC 11.4.0] Guide Word Occurrances.csv
  3. The New Gorhambury Data Portal is now open to the public, and represents a major escalation in my War of Aggression against "Ignorance of How the Baconian Word Cipher Actually Works". At the site there are links to various assorted introductory pages I've installed already on New Gorhambury. One of the primary goals of this project always has been to act as a repository of online documents for Baconian researchers, with the hope of getting additional people interested. I am here to support the efforts of those who would be interested enough to do some research independently. https://gorhambury.org/word-cipher-data-portal/
  4. Today I was viewing A Phoenix's masterful video, 'The Fraudulent Friedmans', for the umpteenth time. My website, gorhambury.org, is dedicated to her, and there I acknowledged this video as being "fundemental" to my research project as a whole. Well, umpteen times were apparently still not too many, since I was able to finally understand what she has been saying about the non-availability of the Riverbank Publications monographs from William F. Friedman relating to Sir Francis. I have provided extensive background information at https://gorhambury.org/public/experiments/experiment-one/. Anyway, I have uploaded a copy of the one missing Riverbank volume she mentioned, so that along with the others now, I believe my website is the one place where all six of the monographs are available to researchers all in the same place, https://gorhambury.org/public/exhibits/monographs/
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