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  1. I would propose to start a topic where we all list the major and minor discoveries of the Sonnet Pyramid(s). Because we all know how crafty the good old Bacon was. I dare to say, many Secrets he has hidden! Together we can find them all and form something like a "collective B`hive-Mind" of the Mystery of the Sonnets which is available for all serious Mystery-Seekers. I can only imagine how beautifully we could discover more secrets together, when one seeker finds one clue, and another has the follow up which explains more about it. Also for Beginners who work with the Pyramid, it would be very helpful to see through all these Discoveries the Methods with which we can uncover the secret numbers and messages. Maybe it would be also more "tidy" to present the Methods by example here and a concise list of the discoveries somewhere in another topic. I have to say about myself: I am not an experienced decryption/decipher master. But I am a passionate Mystery-Lover, holistic Thinker and Mathematician. So I definitely would be full of joy to discover what our good Forefather has found and hidden. Good Day and Blessings to all of you!
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